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How to stop PATM - ( a real SOLUTION )

Hello. I will try to be as short as possible, giving you *the secret* to treat this thing called (PATM syndrome) - People Are Allergic to Me.

(skip if you are just here for the SOLUTION)


It's a "condition" that people through the internet forums created, for a way of describing the feeling they have in certain social situations. It has no medical proof of being a real thing or disease. Basically It's focusing your attention to other people and thinking that they send you non-verbal negative signs such as (coughing, nose rubbing, throat clearing etc.)

In my experience:
Everything stared when I entered university and started living in dorm with 2 strangers. One of them was so loud and annoying, making every kind of sound every 30 seconds. It was not the best background sound for sure. At first I was confused for why he is doing it (coughing and clear throating) and I was trying to figure out for weeks what is wrong. I wondered If I did something wrong or acted in a certain way? This went by for almost a year and I got used to It, because had no really other options. It was really painful and annoying but It thaught me how to be more stoic, for which I am thankful.

During this period I started noticing people outside (in society) doing the same thing. And I started thinking the same - what is the problem with me? Noticed that this is mostly happenning on days when I'm feeling like s*it and hadn't socialised at all. Sometimes I would walk to anywhere and almost everyone did this while passing me. You know how mentally-crushing this feeling is If you have had this. It literally feels like the world is against you for no reason..

Then the summer came and I stayed home a lot, avoiding people as much as I could. Always wearing headphones in public. At the end of the summer I started working a job which was way out of my comfort zone and including a lot of communication with people, all day long. I endured working 1 week, from 9 to 9 in stress environement and selling/presuading people (which is normally a good thing, but not in that scenario with social phobia) then I quit. I was searching for answers for this condition and even visited a therapist. He kind of helped me. The other person helping me is my mother, whom I shared this to.


Now the understanding and path to the SOLUTION:

Huge amount of the people experiencing this think It's about a mystical smell that doesn't go away even after having good hygiene. Some even pay a lot of money to doctors to do research on their Digestive System. That is probably 95% BS.

1) Unless you don't shower regularly, don't look homeless and wear REALLY,REALLY bad clothing, the problem is not in your LOOKS. Only exception is If you can't read social cues and act weird. (we will talk about this later)

2) People don't really care about YOU. You are not that important. Even If this sounds rude, It's the TRUTH. How many humans are on the planet - a lot.. What makes you so special that everyone in your surroundings will think about you all the time? - nothing.. Everyone is in their own world, most of the time thinking about situations and problems.

3) PATM is about the MIND and MENTALITY. It has to do more about ANXIETY than anything else. You are anxious If others in your community (city,social circle etc.) disapprove you. I can explain that with our brain which associate it with times when people had lived in tribes of 50. If you are not accepted to the tribe, there would be something wrong for sure. But in modern world It is not the same.
Let's say you walk on the street and someone doesn't like you. He/she can only think of It and that will make him/her miserable because of all the hatred and bad energy. The person won't attack you or start insulting you. Even If this happens, which the chance is 0.000002% you will probably be save after that and you can sue that person.

The idea is that you shouldn't really care what other people think of you. Do some research on this topic If you need to know more.

This is the best SOLUTION for PATM. You have to stop your mind from wandering (about present, future, problems, what other people are thinking, what you did wrong, do you look ok or smell ok etc.).

Breathe good, maintain a proper body posture and then just relax. Calm your mind, turn of the animal instinct for safety - nobody is going to hurt you. Exist now, in the present moment. That is all there is and will ever be. You can't act/think/feel in the future or presence. Also they are not in your control, It's all an illusion. You know that yesterday is gone and tommorow is not promised. Try to observe the world around you, nature, human-made stuff, people (without stalking them though). Just STOP RESISTING the reality you are in and try to enjoy It. Just dive in the presence and embrace It, whatever It is. Fears can be summoned If you focus your mind and attention to It. That's "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION" and It's a real thing. On my way to being treated of this I still had situations when I started to fear these sounds of coughing/clear throating etc. and they instantly appeared in reality. If you FEAR It, you ATTRACT It.


SOLUTION (condensed)

- maintain good hygiene and looks (clothes that fit you well, proper hairstyle etc.)
- have goals
- do the things you love doing (If there aren't many - find them)
- stay healthy
- have open body language (and also not one that is incongruent with how you feeling at the moment; your body should always be relaxed, otherwise you will look sketchy and In fear)
- BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT, learn how to be present - you can do this through meditation or other techniques, do some research on It If you are interested. My way to get present in the moment was by reading a book (The Power of Now by Eckhart Tole) - He goes in depth about time and the presence, the book really helped me to get my life to another level.

I hope I gave you insights and you found this helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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This is not in our minds. It's an actual physical condition. How do I know? Because their has been times when I'm feeling happy and confident, not even thinking about patm, and multiple people will start coughing a lung up or complain about feeling hot or whatever.

I do agree that thinking and stressing about it does make the problem worse. But something rare has happened to our bodies.

Have a look at Ray's post, just under yours. He has tested positive for fungus infection, I believe we are breathing out fungus spores and people are having an allergic reaction when inhaling.  We need to clear out our bodies of this systematic mold/fungus infection.
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Oddly i also get reactions when i inhale and hold.  Whatever this is in my lungs (and nasal cavity, stomach and eyes)  comes out as my lungs expand.   In my eyes its a large black dot that showed up the same day as patm.  Yes i remember the day exactly that this started.  I woke up deathly ill on Christmas morning 3 years ago and this has been with me ever sense.
I just tried inhaling and holding myself but didn't react, I think some of us  have built an immunity, not suprising when this is possibly in most of our organs.

I got this after living in a flat which was absolutely riddled with black mold. This coupled with antibiotic use has obviously suppressed my immune system, allowing this fungus to multiply.
Londongirl. We have all developed ocd over this, who wouldn't?  Nobody wants to stink or make people I'll,  It's an instant turn off. So obviously we are gona obsess over it, doesn't mean that it's not real. In fact it's very real. But if it makes you feel better, just imagine it's your brain making all these mysterous smells and reactions.

hello anig_88. welcome. Do you have patm?
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If you didn't understand, read It again.. Just think of it as in energy vibrations. If you are anxious and fearful you will send bad energy to your surroundings and will attract PATM signs.

I forgot to mention that 80% of the time people don't even cough because of you.. Now when I'm in public transport and someone cough, even If It's in front of me I know It has nothing to do with me. People get sick sometimes and It's normal. Many people smoke a whole pack of cigarettes a day too.

Just do this:

Throughout the day, think about goals and good stuff or just be present instead. Everytime you feel that someone is allergic to you, use that as a Presence Check. Are you in the moment? Also don't fear It. Say to yourself good affirmations like "I am confident, I look good, I feel happy, I love life and people.. etc." You can also say them (not aloud of course) when you get reactions. You shouldn't resist and fear It. You own this! World is a videogame, you are the main character!!!
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So why is it people don't cough or anything if I hold my breath but as soon as I exhale theyou will start coughingetting.  I noticed this before I even knew patm was a thing. We are breathing something out thats an irritant. It's got absolutely nothing to do with energy orating vibrations,  that's ludicrous. You are never gona be cured if you believe it's controlled by your thoughts. We all share something unique that's affecting our bodies, whether it be parasites, mold, h pylori etc.
Sorry for text, stupid phone
Ok, the solutions for your case are simple:

- start breathing through the nose
- get healthy
- eat honey
Doesnt matter if it's through nose or mouth, it comes from the lungs.
When I am at home in my comfort zone I still emit this smell outside of my house and car. These places should be a safe haven. I made my sister sick. I mean nauseous but she couldn’t throw up.
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Please check the last post I did on Ketaconazole Shampoo, that kills for 1-2 days but you can go out and no PATM reactions.
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I should be clearer in my posts.   I almost  never react to myself.  Just rarely if i cover my head at night with covers.   Its other people who react on my inhale not just the exhale.  Hard to not notice these things.   And what i think is crazy is some here see these things with their own eyes and still want to believe its in our head. Patmwtf..best screen name here yet.

Ps.  Wish i could erase and start over all my posts (or not)  I do overstand that some dont relay well what i ment at the time, but this site is not the easiest to maneuver in.

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One observation: why others can think about their past present and future problems and PATM holders can't? Or just dating those events or acts to lower anxiety? Because the mind cannot be told to stop thinking, it always keeps thinking about something past or present, that yes, what I choose is to remember or project or see the present from the positive side, there I relax On the other hand, here the helplessness is hypothesized with the sayings and writings of others but rarely not theirs, that is; They say that it is systematic mold but it does not mention how and until some no own studies were made, they say that the written hypothesis is totally wrong but they do not develop theirs, how is that? If it were systematic already in a few years many of the PATMers died and yet there are many PATMers who are more than 10 years with this, because having under the defenses of our body leads to having several diseases, example when you undergo cancer chemotherapy and You have almost zero defenses where you are prone to disease and die from it. On the other hand, if we had defenses to go down with a simple blood test this would be confirmed and believe that I tried to test it as 10 times with blood-urine-sputum-etcs tests but all the data were normal. On the other hand, you have to read what psychosomatism is, where or how cancer and diabetes itself and other current diseases are generated, produce stress and anxiety ............... You say that were medical studies done? It seems not, as they consulted their doctor about what it is to be infected with fungus mold, or how to know if they have low defenses and other information. A year ago I was about to commit suicide because my PATM was extreme, everyone practically coughed, cleared their throat, because now not, sometimes I only hear about 2 throat throat and one occasional cough, sometimes not one, I travel in train with headphones and also without them, before I drove in my mobility, but I had an accident and is in the mechanic also waiting for spare parts so that for now I will drive on public transport. Being more confident and confident in myself helped me a lot because indirectly my anxiety goes down ...... bla bla bla. /// I get tired of writing, and yes, I am one of those who maintains his hypothesis while the others do not present evidence or reliable arguments…. Cheers!
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Una observación: por que otros si pueden pensar en sus problemas pasado presente y futuro y los poseedores de PATM no? O solo citas esos acontecimientos o actos para bajar la ansiedad? Por que a la mente no se le puede decir que deje de pensar, siempre se mantiene pensando en algo ya sea pasado presente o futuro, eso si, lo que yo elijo es recordar o proyecta o ver el presente desde el lado positivo, ahi me relajo. Por otro lado, acá desvalida la hipotesis con dichos y escritos de otros pero raramente no la de ellos, es decir; dicen que es moho sistemático pero no menciona en como y hasta algunos no se hicieron estudios propios, dicen que la hipotesis escrita esta totalmente mal pero no desarrollan la suya, como es eso? Si fuera sistemático ya en unos años muchos de los PATMers fallecieran y sin embargo hay muchos PATMers que están mas de 10 años con esto, porque tener bajo las defensas de nuestro cuerpo conlleva a tener varias enfermedades, ejemplo cuando te sometes a la quimioterapia cancer y tienes las defensas casi nulas donde eres propenso a poseer enfermedad y fallecer por ello. Por otro lado, si tuviésemos defensas bajar con un simple análisis de sangre esto se confirmaría y creme que yo lo intente probar como 10 veces con análisis de sangre-orina-esputo-etcs pero todos los datos fueron normales. Por otro lado hay que leer lo que es la psicosomatismo, donde o como se genera el cancer y el mismo diabetes y demás enfermedades actuales producto el estrés y ansiedad............... Dicen ustedes que se hicieron estudios médicos? parece que no, como es que consultaron a su médico sobre lo que es estar infectado con moho hongo, o sobre cómo saber si tienen defensas bajas y demás cosas informaciones. Yo hace un año atrás estuve a punto de suicidarme porque mi PATM era extremo, todos prácticamente tosían se aclaraban la garganta, pues ahora no, a veces solo escucho como 2 carraspeos de garganta y uno que otra tosida, a veces ni una, viajo en tren con auriculares y también sin ellas, antes me manejaba en mi movilidad, pero tuve un accidente y está en el mecánico además en espera por los repuestos asi es que por ahora me manejare en transporte público. El ser mas seguro y confiado en mi mismo me ayudo bastante porque indirectamente mi ansiedad baja...... bla bla bla. /// me canse de escribir, y si, soy uno de aquellos que mantiene su hipotesis mientras las otras no presenten pruebas o argumentos fehacientes…. Saludos!  
Google traslator. :P
Maybe we all share some type of faulty gene, or share some sort of antibody malfunction. Ever taken antibiotics?  Ok now your immune system is suppressed, and in that time frame we could of been exposed to something, mold or whatever. We may of gona through rare but similar circumstances which has allowed this disease to thrive. I'm sick of people sayin it's energy or your mind creating an illusion. If that's he case (which it surely isnt) You can't control your thoughts, so in turn, you will never be able to control patm.
You can be fed up with everything, but nobody has a veracity until there is no evidence, it can be this or that, we don't know. Oh, and if you refute the writings about the mind or thoughts, why don't you bother knowing what the main cancer factor is for example? Many diseases are spicosomatic type in the beginning, it does not point to energy or similar if there are not certain circumstances that make you anxious stressed where the mind is fundamental, eh there the Patm distances, even if you do not believe it, the writings They affirm that even fear has its own smell, even women have a special smell when they are in their fertile times, so almost everything is associated with the mind and the body that emits certain odors that are perceptible to the human or animal nose, can if PATM is also initially a mental state that was then chronic and that it would reverse itself. /// All but I am better than a year ago and there are even days where I am very quietly, ....... You can say many, the truth is that there is no proven hypothesis and I already emphasize this and continue giving back in the same, at least they will be tested, I already told them about a simple blood test to test if they have the immune system deficient or suppressed, and if it was ever suppressed they would have to be fighting and weakened your body lacking in immune system ...... Use common sense and logic.
I know we cannot say for certain what is the cause, I'm just going with logic. You say fear has a smell. Well guess what, sick people give off an odor aswell. If it was mental illness that was causing all this then answer this, why don't people who have gone through much more traumatising events (people who have survived attempted murder is just one example) don't get patm after going through all that mental trauma? There are people with severe social anxiety, yet they do not possess this disease. The only logical explanation is something is physically Wrong with our bodies
And surely you know that cancer starts because of damaged cells multiplying and spreading.  Has nothing to do with our thought process. Maybe the patm is aggravated by stress and over thinking, but it isn't the cause.
I already wrote and answered several comments similar to yours. Cancer is a cellular mutation due to stress stress anxiety because whoever has it had emotional unevenness, for example: a toxic relationship of a couple is more prone to acquire cancer or diabetes due to the toxic emotional state that both trigger. Read more about it that articles and books abound and I am not to continue emphasizing, I do not say that this happens to everyone if there is a high probability, it depends on each person since we are not all the same. PAtm the trigger could be something related to the emotional and therefore mentally physical, eh there where emotions count, mood and other factors are key, not for nothing there are sedative drugs and placebos in case of anxiety depression and other ..... You say to use the basic logic and yet you only want to take as an alleged truth only one option without even reading something about all that of others, when someone writes something a little developed means that it took the time to investigate and he is not writing things adrift or he is not complaining more than trying to solve, but as always there are some who try to disqualify without even throwing solid arguments or consistent evidence ...... bla bla bla
Cancer is not caused by stress at all, stress causes inflammation. Cancer is caused by direct, repeat PHYSICAL damage, be it smoking, eating junk, drinking alcohol etc. You didn't ask my question on How people with much worse mental circumstances don't develop patm? The only thing I could partly agree on is; stress suppresses the immune system, allowing this disease, mold for example, to easily infect our system. You say I'm only beliving one option. No i am not. I'm saying it's a physical condition (which could be many different options) and denying that its mental and somehow our brains have created this supernatural phenomenon. You can't be serious in thinking our brains make people sick, we want to be loved and cared for, not isolated and humiliate. It wouldn't make sense for us to of evolved that way. It's the 21st century and all the environmental factors (PHYSICAL) Has messed up our bodies.
And you keep going back and forth on the same thing, you clearly have a problem there. Last, the mood and other emotions are not mental? The mind directs everything, stress anxiety, nicotine increases stress, or those who eat and eat is a psychological health problem, etc. Whether you like it or not, or you don't want to understand our mind, it is a very determining factor in this kind of diseases such as cancer, intestinal flora alteration, immune system debacle, etc. Cancer goes around the same way ...... (faaa I am already bored to repeat and repeat to understand but not even that ...). I kept doing your thing, but I can't keep repeating the same topic, you understood well and if not, well there. We are not discussing whether this is something like a delirium but for X reason (because certain people are more prone ..) in certain citations the PATM is stronger and that worsens when we notice our stress anxiety ourselves, the issue here is lower anxiety stress therefore the social phobia will fall to the point that the obsection also goes down, and that is done or achieved with mental psychological sections, there goes the issue, but I see that you try to lock yourself in a circle without wielding more there. Of course, the issue is to improve, at least if I am improving a comparison of about 1 year ago, now I am better. Regards.
I see what your saying that our mental state influences our physical state, but our mental state has maybe made us make bad physical choices. I know I havent been looking after my body recently, because it's hard when you are depressed and you feel the whole world is against  you. I am now going to start making changes and respect my body more and in turn my mental health should improve, they do go hand in hand don't they. All the best in your journey  anyway and hope you find relief from this curse.
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I definitely relate to what you are saying whenever the person that is coughing is on a zoom meeting or telephone call.

I have to laugh at how ridiculous it is to imagine that something from my body is causing someone MILES away in a different county to cough. It makes me think that this **** is all in my head.

I swear some times when my mind wanders, and im by myself...I feel something in my throat that makes me cough.

Like...if theres no one for my mind to target it will target me.
It certainly could be a mind thing, a form of telekinesis.
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It's nonsense, the vast majority of the people can be scared, with anxiety and think in the past, but we, the patmers we can't do that... we are different human being.
It's a fisiology problem, maybe exacerbate for stress but the deep reason is fisiology
Think in that super guru of the solutions
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I have a real solution, its called Guaifenesin

Get the extended release tablets, they work great.

Youll realize how thick the mucus in your through is, once this medication thins it out.

Youll breathe properly and you wont make others cough.

Try it, its a cheap medication you can even get it on amazon.
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I must warn you though, that using this medication may cause YOU to cough instead of others.
Its as though the radius of PATM was reduced so small that it only affects me now.
Maybe im just insane, but im going to keep taking it until it stops working.
Had someone on my job comment that I smell really good, maybe a sign?
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