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VITAMIN D3/K2/Magnesium for PATM

I’ve been dosing between 2000IU-5000IU a day of D3 as well as K2 Zinc and Magnesium. Reactions have noticeably lessened.

Do your research and get blood tested if you go this route.

Another good info source is: https://vitamindwiki.con

This correlation also strengthens the hypothesis that we are dealing with a fungal/mold issue. If you have anything to add or stories please respond.
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Im not sure how this is connected to mold and fungus because i dont know anything about that. The only thing that i found that could have an effect on patm is the "reduced inflammation"  but thats really vague so im not sure how much that would actually affect patm. I want to figure out why the vitamins work so that we can isolate it and then focus on that isolated piece of information.  
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Look at https://vitamindwiki
Yeast fungus mold can cause inflammation in the body and it can manifest in a variety of ways. You need to do more research , because not knowing is killing us. Vitamins likely work because you are giving your body stuff it needs to fight off infection and reduce inflammation.
Fungal overgrowth mold and dysbiosis are highly prevalent in most cases of odor and allergic symptoms and inflammation. Your body isn’t detoxifying correctly for many of reasons. Two people here that cured their patm symptoms as candida and pathogenic bacteria related. One cured from FMT and the other from lifestyle change.
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Have you also tried avoiding citric acid ?
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Yes as much as possible
And what are your thoughts on that?
Killthecough do bioresonance test to see what's your root cause. My test shows sleeping candida/mold, h pylori and histamine intolerance. I have Crohn and celiac. Now is a lot better with strict diet and low histamine probiotic.
Mind space. I have not done a bio resonance test. What I suspect is: candida/fungal overgrowth/dysbiosis is the leading causes based on everything I know and have read from different people. If few of which have cure the SYMPTOM I.e. PATM!  The cause should be called fungal overgrowth/dysbiosis/sluggish/blocked metabolic pathways.  We need a name for this that is not called PATM because or only the symptoms of whatever the root cause is.

I believe some of us have it worse because we produce more sebum than normal and the pathogenic bacteria and fungus feed off of that. Also some of us suffer from a liver not functioning correctly from genetic malfunction or physically damaged alcohol/drugs/pharma/toxins/

I also was diagnosed with Crohn’s however I’ve never showed many symptoms. I recently had my IC valve and part of small intestine resected.
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