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Am I paranoid? Cyst or Pregnant?

So I get my period every 17th of the month with a full 30 day cycle. I had my period 17th of October and then on the 31st I had protected intercourse. I was supposed to get my period on the 17th of November but it came 10 days earlier on the 7th of November and then on the 17th I spotted brown one time.

I read online that this could not be my period but implantation bleeding. I got terrified and went to the obgyn.

She did a transvaginal ultrasound and told me she doesn't see sth that's indicating me being pregnant. She was also pretty sure that this was my period she asked me a lot of questions. She also found a cyst on my ovary and told me that I got it earlier because of stress which I have A LOT or because of the cyst.

So I was supposed to get my period at the 7th of December since the last one was on the 7th of November. But as of now It's late for 3 days. I red online so many things that it was probably to early for the obgyn to see anything and that a lot of women have heavy implantation bleeding.

I'm terrified. I know I'm probably paranoid since I had protected intercourse and an obgyn telling me I'm not pregnant but I read so many thing on Google.

Should I be worried? Do a test? Go back to the Ob gyn? Can I be pregnant?

I'm scared I will let you know though because someone could be going through the same thing.
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As a woman, I'll tell you that 'implantation' bleeding is misunderstood. It's not like a period. It's 'maybe' a little pink tinging. Or spot of blood. And I know literally not a single friend of mine (and I'm a mom with pretty much only mom friends . . . and we talk) who had this. Spotting can happen in early pregnancy but there is no reason to suspect you are pregnant. If it is brownish in color, it's old blood. Spotting can happen with hormonal shifts. And hormonal shifts can happen to any woman at any time. Periods can become irregular out of nowhere for one cycle or a few. Changes in routine, illness, weight gain or loss, thyroid shift, etc.

You had protected the sex. The likelihood you'd have had any reason to get pregnant from that is highly unlikely. Condoms work unless they break and IF they break, you notice.

Now, tests. They need to be used exactly like the instructions said and ONLY read in the time frame. They develop an evaporation line if left to sit any longer. Go with your mom here, it sounds negative.

Do you suffer anxiety on a regular basis?
Hello and thank you so so much for your answer! It was the most helpful thing I've read these days and thank you so much for taking your time to read my posts! I wanted to post an update on that. So I got my period today after taking a mild tranquilizer given by a doctor to ease my stress and have a good sleep. Yes I do suffer from anxiety for the past few years but I am finally starting to find ways to manage it. I'm doing small steps though.
you're welcome!
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Even though your sex was close to the fertile window there is no suggestion you may be pregnant. Why not run a test this weekend just to confirm.
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Omg first of all thank you for your answer since it's difficult for me to talk about it to someone I really appreciate having sb answering my question respectfully. I was thinking of doing so or visiting the obgyn again but I think I will wait a few days to see if I get my period.  I also talked to my mom so I feel a bit relieved maybe if I chill I get my period:(( since I'm a person with LOTS of anxiety problems this could be one of them too :""(
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Posting an update just because even if time passes a lot someone that goes through this could find answers and comfort. As a person with anxiety disorders it's very hard to take sth out of your mind and see clear especially when this regards health issues. So I will be completely objective here. I went to the obgyn 2 weeks after the early period I had and 1 week after the day I should have normally gotten my period. She did a transvaginal ultrasound and told me I'm not pregnant and it's a cyst. I let one month pass and didn't get my period with the early date. Now I am 6 days late took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I could see a very very faint line after looking very very closely in the darker side of the room. A line that if you try to focus on it I sometimes see it sometimes no. In the day light it's negative. I took pictures and you can't see it unless you lower the vibrance. My mom says it's 10000% negative but I can't stop thinking bad about it. I will do one more. Please If you deal with a person who has lots of anxiety just know that it's very hard for them to see clear and be free of their worries beat with them don't get mad. I know I had protected intercourse, a period (bc it lasted 5 days and I had a lot of blood for it to be typical implantation) and an obgyn telling me I'm not pregnant and a most likely negative test but I can't get the bad thought out of my mind. I will update again
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