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Terrified Im pregnant!!!!

Is it possible that i'm pregnant? My boyfriend of 7 months and I finally had sex for the first time. Anyway, I refuse to have intercourse with out condoms because i'm not taking any other BC temporarily. This is the first time we had sex, and it was with a condom. I felt I was safe because I keep track of my ovulation days and according to my symptoms and the calendar I ovulated 3-5 days before intercourse. I recently read if you want to aid or avoid conception, cervical mucus observations are said to be around 98.5% accurate as to the fertile and infertile times in your monthly cycle. I had very little CM the morning before intercourse (Yellow in color , Sticky , Very Dense) Mittlleshmertz 3-5 days prior on my right side.But i'd taken an antihistamine at night. Also, iv'e never taken an official test therefore, I know my observations aren't perfect. Before we had vaginal sex he came 2 times in two different condoms, again this was with no vaginal penetration whatsoever and away from that area as well (if that did anything) within 30 - 45 minutes. During the time we had intercourse he cleaned himself and got a new condom. It fit perfectly and we began intercourse. It lasted a few minutes then he came into the condom, he pulled out, still mostly erect, and everything seemed fine. This was at 11:37pm. I took the condom off him, away from my vagina, so we could examine it. It did not appear abnormally wet, out of place, or damaged. As I held it up over my stomach, I felt something drip on me! He looked at it and again it didn't appear broken. He believes the reason it dripped was because I was holding it/ removed it wrong. After my boyfriend checked the condoms and didn't see any holes. But he thought one was damp. He believes I'm okay and that I simply held it wrong causing semen to spill/drip around the rim.
In the morning I woke up early to re-check all the condoms closely. I know this is gross but, I picked each used one up, used two fingers in a downward motion and squeezed the remaining liquid, stretching condom from the rim to the tip as well. They were absolutely dry on the outside everything stayed inside! Only the third one was damp around rim. I still didn't see any holes. My main concern was the tip, when filled wit liquid, did not have the slightest drip. We took a Plan B around 2:00pm or 2:30pm (about 15hrs later) that day. I know they say condoms are 98% effective and Plan B One Step is 95% effective if taken within 24 hrs., but I'm still freaking out! By the way, I'm 19 years old and I weigh 145-150lbs at 5'7 and healthy. (I only mention that because I learned Plan B doesn't work after 165lbs+. I almost broke down today crying because I'm so scared my parents look down on girls who get pregnant young. I can't find anyone to talk to all my friends are pretty judgmental!! I don't want to kill a child or parent one! I haven't skipped a period, but I'm due in a few days! PLEASE HELP ME!
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You are fine. You are not pregnant don't panic
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