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11DPO...in absolute shock.

Ladies I'm shaking so bad right now....Seriously....I mean, I know that we were trying this month but we really didn't pay much attention to my ovulation..I noticed about a day after my ovulation that we hadn't had sex right around when I ovulated but I figured "what the heck, it's only the first month trying, we're not really TRYING yet"...

so when I peed today because I've been eating/drinking like crazy and nauseous all day I definitely didn't think I would get a positive....

BUT I GOT TWO OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had hubby bring home 3 tests, KNOWING they would be negative, but they weren't - I saved the last one to take tomorrow just to make sure I'm not going crazy lol.

I had to tell someone...omg I'm so excited, hubby is so excited too..it's bittersweet though because this is our last one for at least awhile. We may have another baby in 5-10 years..MAYBE...but for now, #3 is our last and it's heartbreaking but I'm SO excited...I plan to enjoy every single moment.

This makes 3 babies that we've conceived our very first cycle trying...that's a HUGE warning for us to be vigilant when we are NOT trying to get pregnant, lol.

for those of you on my facebook please don't tell anyone yet...hubby wants to tell our families now instead of waiting until the end of the 1st trimester but we're still debating that...we waited until the end of the first with the last two because of my miscarriage but I don't know...and I won't announce it on facebook until our parents know.

so mums the word for now...

I JUST HAD TO SHARE :))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am beyond excited for you Ivy!!!  I mean, I am just totally over the moon for you!!!!!  How totally cool!!!!  Tons of congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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congrats , then it is a big chance that its going to be a boy , :)
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omg ladies thank you...I don't remember feeling this giddy about the last 2...probably because I KNEW I was pregnant both times and it wasn't this huge surprise...

I'm getting a tentative due date of around April 7th, although I"m thinking earlier....and I'm so excited I won't be having a hottest-part-of-the-year baby for once, LOL.

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I am so happy for you! I hope you have a Happy and Healthy 9 months.
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thanks girl :-)...still hasn't sunk in!
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Congrats!!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!! :)
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Congrats on baby number 3! I wish it only took us a couple tries when ttc. It took us 14 months and clomid to conceive Lexi. Happy and Healthy 9 Months!
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Omg Ivy! Im so excited for you! I really hope this pregnancy is easier on you than your last!
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Thank you all so much!!!
And tab- I hope so, too LOL.

You guys would laugh at me for how I told my husband that he would be a father again....

I made him bring home 3 dollar store tests, so he knew I was testing, but I went in..got the first positive...got another test just because I was in disbelief...got the other positive..then brought them both to where my husband was sitting on our bed with both of our kids watching cartoons...I couldn't look at him because I knew I'd smile, so I stood on the other side of the door, made my voice completely neutral and asked casually, "So honey..I know you had a hard day. what would make it better...finding out I AM pregnant or finding out that I'm NOT pregnant?"

I know it took him a minute because he didn't want to offend me if I wasn't pregnant and thought that I had gotten his hopes up, so he says cautiously "either would be fine...we can always try again..."

I was like "we can keep trying all you want darlin but we don't need to!"

lol..poor hubby. he was super excited though...had to tell his whole family right away...I guess I have to tell mine soon now, lol.
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Omg I'm so excited for you!!!  Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months. I hope it's that easy for me to get pregnant again!  Maybe we will get to be pregnant together
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Congratulations. Great news!!!!:)
1035252 tn?1427227833
I took the last pregnancy test because I couldn't resist and it was an even darker positive....

it's becoming way more real to me, especially since I Woke up and proceeded to vomit for 10 minutes straight ;-) LOL
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Congratulations! So happy for you!
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I'm so happy for you, Ivy!  A little jealous tho :)  Everyone who was pregnant with us is getting pregnant again.  

We aren't trying, but I really would like to have another one.  DH isn't opposed to the idea, but he's not wanting to actually TRY either.  His philosophy is "no prevention or intervention, we'll have whatever God wants us to have" .  So, hopefully God has it in his plans for us to have another one sometime.  Preferably sooner :)  

Are you hoping for a boy or girl this time or does it not matter since you already have one of each?  
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Congrats fertile Myrtle!! LOL
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congratulations..... i WISH we were so lucky,,,,,, its an amazing feeling hey,,,
:-), i wish you all the best, healthy and happy pregnancy....
pssst... what is your secret to conceiving so quickly ...lol
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oh Ivy!!!! I'm so happy for you

i love how you say this is the last one....i thought the same exact thing and im having the last 2!!! LOL, maybe you will too

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Terri - twins would be AWESOME...but then I'd REALLY be done and probably getting my tubes clamped LOL. As it is, until we add on the new master suite one of my kids is going to end up sharing with the new baby once it's sleeping through the night....we'll have to see how that goes. Plus side being they'll both be older in 9 months so maybe it'll work out, lol.

Cass - I'm torn on which I would rather have. Either would be JUST fine with me! But....see here's the thing. my son has been WAY easier than my daughter was. except for his penchant for climbing onto EVERYTHING..he's a totally laid-back, easy kid. My daughter...not so much. she's intense...super intense, and almost energetic to the point of ADHD but she can sit still when she wants to - she just doesn't want to. She's tough.

So, my first knee-jerk reaction would say "I would love another boy, my life would be much easier" lol BUT....everyone says girls are USUALLY easier, and that my daughter is just a little stinker. So...if a girl would be a little easier, I'd go for that...LOL

Whatever we have I hope this next one doesn't top my daughter for being difficult, boy OR girl!

lol Heather :-D!

Melenita - I wish I could say I had some trick, but it's pure, blind, dumb luck. My grandmother had 14 pregnancies and out of those...one stillbirth because she had cancer and her body rejected the baby, and one miscarriage...so 12 live, healthy births. M
y mom only had me and was unable to have any more children no matter how hard they tried...so we figured that my grandmother's fertility/childbearing skills skipped a generation, lol. I'm honestly grateful beyond belief that I can get pregnant at all much less this easily - after my daughter (my first child) was born, they told me not to expect to get pregnant again and not to expect to carry to term if I DID get pregnant. I had a horrible uterine infection after my daughter was born and the OB who delivered her informed me that my uterus was full of scar tissue and that I would never be able to have more babies. So when we started trying for my son, we thought "it'll take years, if we ever DO get pregnant at all"...but when we got pregnant the first month, it was a shock - we weren't QUITE ready yet, lol! When I asked the doc about the scar tissue at my first prenatal ultrasound he goes, "what scar tissue...?" so obviously whatever it was healed, thank God! But I was totally resigned to never having babies again, and I thought that was that.
And with this one..another massive shock because I thought we had timed it all wrong. I wish I could give you some magical advice, some secret tip...but all I can say is..keep trying and enjoy the process. I may not have had to try for long to get mine, but I do know the heartache of thinking you may not be able to get pregnant and it eats you up...but you just never know. sometimes it happens when you least expect it! <3
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CONGRATS, MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!  That was easy peasy, huh???
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congrats!!! Wishing you a H&H 9months
1035252 tn?1427227833
Thanks ladies!!!
Kris - it was you saying "yes, test" that inspired me, you know LOL
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YAY!!! Aw, I'm so excited, but secretly jealous! I want another too! But YAY YAY YAY!!!
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Congrats on your bfp I love how you told him!
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