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So I'm 20 years old, this is my 1st pregnancy, and my fiancé is very excited about our little fetus. But my family is soo religious (Pentecostal) & are against premarital sex/baby.I was roo but things happen. I'm aware that I've broken my promise to God & I've already repented. Now problem is telling my family. They will definitely flip and possibly disown me. I mean, I don't live with them. I've been taking care of myself since I was 17 years old so they don't have to worry about helping me... Advice please anyone???
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Love is a very strong thing and they probably will be bad at first be you never know maybe they'll be okay with everything sooner or late good lluck and best wishes
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I would start the conversation by saying, "I know you will be disappointed, but you are my family, I love you, and you should be first to know, that we are having a baby."
God forgives, loving parents should too.
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Same thing here..I was born and raised in the pentecostal church so I know how strict it can be. I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I'm JUST KNOW ( yesterday) got enough courage to tell my family..but luckily my whole family was actually excited instead of mad..as long as you learn from your mistakes and don't let it happen again until your married,  you should be okay:) its your life and if they decide to disown you, lean on god for the strength to continue and they will come around soon enough good luck!!
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I am in a family full of preachers. Lol. Some are Pentecostal, and some are Southern Baptist, including my father. Nobody disowned me when I told them. They have loved me and supported me the whole time. Try not to be afraid. They are even accepting of my baby's father, who they don't really know all that well, but they have been praying for us and helping every step of the way.
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They have met the father already & love him. But the thing is my mother had me at 15 & they kicked her out and treated her so horribly & the whole family called her horrible names pushing her away from the family. I'm afraid of that stuff
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Honestly honey a true Christian won't turn away the innocence of a child.
That is between you and God. Nobody should be judging you.
You need your family there.
Let them know.
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They might be disappointed, but let them know you understand and have repented. And God forgives so they should too. God blessed you with this little life for a reason.
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Things don't just happen. we make our decisions and they all have consequence whether good our bad. your family will be disappointed just as you should have been with yourself. but we all make bad choices fortunately we serve a forgiving God. Allow your family to work through their emotions, and you keep doing you and focus on your fiancee and baby.  of course we all want support,, but in the end of the day ours you and your fiancee who will raise this child. but they'll come around soon, enough. Good luck!
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I'm not that religious sorry but my mom is... But anyways people are too judgmental... If you already repented and your ok with it who cares if they are or not. People aren't perfect and they aren't the ones who are judging us when the world is over. Honestly as religious as my mom is... She is so hypocritical that it makes me not want to be religious because I don't want to be like her. People preach forgiveness... But then they hold grudges? It doesn't make sense to me
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If your mom had to go through that she won't want to make you go through it as well. It will be okay. My daddy is a pastor and my sister had 2 kids out of wedlock, Jesus doesn't condemn us He calls us away from our sins. We all sin, we just struggle with different sins.  It will be okay. God loves you, you are going to have a baby so they will find out eventually. Might s well tell them now. It will all work itself out. Babies have way of bringing people together.
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But my mother is not the one who raised me, my grandparents did. But my mother told me her pregnancy experience & my whole birth story when I was 13 years old. And how she hates me & how ruined her life. Etc
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It sounds like your mother is not, and may never have been in a good place, emotionally, spiritually, whatever.   I am sorry that she has said such horrible things to you.  This is your chance to make what is wrong, right.  Love that child with all of your might!  Protect that child, from birth until you are no longer on this earth.  In the end, it comes down to you, your baby, and the baby's father.  You don't need approval, you don't need to worry about what people will think.  Just worry about your child.  He or she will be your responsibility and deserves to be loved and nurtured.  Maybe your mother was too young or too selfish to realize that.  
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