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Determining weeks of pregnancy

Hallo so I was turning 8weeks last week Friday , does this mean that every Friday I turn an other week like today 9weeks ,and next week Friday 10weeks??? Help
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I need an update!  lol  How is it going?
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Halo am great , the baby it's a boy . Super excited the first boy in the family.
Ahh, boys are so sweet.  I have two.  I adore them.  And they love their mama's.  Are you feeling good?
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How did your ultrasound go?  Things looking good?  How are you doing emotionally with all this? Been thinking about you.
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Well my altrasound is Friday .... Super excited to see my baby .... Well I talked to my bf last nyt we kinda fixed stuff but I still don't trust guys...I appreciate your help
It's hard to trust sometimes, I get that.  Hopefully he will be supportive and be there for you.  You have to tell me how the ultrasound goes on Friday (thought it was last for some reason)!  There is nothing like actually seeing the baby.  Having a baby is a lot to deal with from all the changes in your body to planning care once baby arrives.  I'm here any time you need to talk, plan or vent.  :>))
Halo wow seeing my baby was awesome so grown up. Well I got a question me and my bf tried to have sex last Wednesday but his penis won't go in , he said it's like am swallow inside well it hurted pretty much.... They always say having sex try pregnancy is healthy but idk ....wht could it be???
Aw, yes.  Seeing the baby in ultrasound or sonogram is so exciting!  Makes it all very real.  How's it going with your boyfriend and his acceptance of things?  So, are you saying you are swollen inside or it was uncomfortable?  Normally having sex is perfectly fine during pregnancy unless there is a reason why not.  Vaginal swelling can happen during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes.  I'd mention it to your doctor on your next baby well check.  Don't do anything that hurts or puts you in pain!  You can pleasure your boyfriend in other ways if need be.  But sex is really usually very safe.  
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Most pregnancies last around 40 weeks (or 38 weeks from conception), so typically the best way to estimate your due date is to count 40 weeks, or 280 days, from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). Another way to do it is to subtract three months from the first day of your last period and add seven days.
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My doctor told me that having morning sickness is a good thing because it means you've got lots of hormones needed for a healthy pregnancy.  Food cravings can be good or bad. I crave, with my pregnancies, things like cheese, peanut butter and grape fruit.  I think that when I look into that, they all represent some type of nutritional need. So, cravings can make sense.  If you crave taco bell or chocolate, it just might be hormones. lol  What are you craving?

That's a bummer about your boyfriend.  Did you have a miscarriage or end the pregnancy last time or was it just a scare?  Gosh, I hope he is more open this time.  How do you feel about it?  Is your family supportive or anything?
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Idk if u will mind but talking to you feels very comfortable do you parhaps have whtsapp
I don't but I am always here at med help. :>)))
Okay I wish I had a Sona scan machine sodat I could monitor my baby so scared I might loose it.
It is nerve wrecking especially early on for all new moms to be!  That you have morning sickness is a great sign though as that is being caused by lots of hormones that the baby is creating.  So, the baby creating them part is good news!  

You are 8 weeks?  Are you going to the doctor soon and will then hear the heart beat?  That's such a great moment?  Have you lost another baby before?  I have good feelings it will all be alright.

So, make sure to take a good vitamin that has folate in it for prenatal care, okay?  Good nutrition helps.

I found for morning sickness that I did best when I didn't have an empty stomach. So, I ate lots of small meals.  :>))
Halo .... Ummmm I was walking fast this morning to work and than stated Getting pain ..... Which people say it's normal but when I get to work I rested and got a sharp pain but there is no sign of blood or any weird discharge ....HELP
Try not to worry.  I know when you are pregnant, every twinge, pain or cramp is scary but likely it is nothing.  You should be able to walk and exercise as normal.  When do you go to the doctor, by the way?  You are around the time in which most women will see the doctor for a pregnancy for the first time.  
Also, discharge is pretty normal when pregnant.  Hormones are different and this affects discharge.
Ummm going for a 12 week sona next Friday .... And the 29th am going to see doctor for the first time visit since I was told am pregnant....
12 weeks on Friday!!!!  yay.   Please let me know how the sono is going.  How is it going with the support at home.  Does your mom or anyone know?  hugs
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Are you excited??!!  I was on cloud nine with my first all the way until the last few weeks when . . .well, it got a little uncomfortable and I started to fret over how was I going to take care of a baby.  lol.  (it DOES all come together in the end if that worry ever pops up for you). Do you have a partner that you are sharing this with?  Oh, and the big question . . . you are 8 weeks (congrats) ---  have you gotten any nausea?  If you haven't, you probably aren't as susceptible to the classic 'morning sickness' that happens a lot more than just the morning. It normally kicks in around 6 to 7 weeks and it did for me like clockwork.  Anyway, welcome to the forum!
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I get sick alot expecially in da morning. And I got a lot of craving well I worry alot about this . I haven't even told my bf yet cause last time he said he isn't really for kids so am stuck.
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Yep, just like in regular life.  That's what that means, each week is another in the countdown until baby arrives!  Congrats on your pregnancy!!  This is your first?
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Yes it's my first
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