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New At This... Do You Think I'm Pregnant?

Okay, I know there is no way to know if I am pregnant or not besides going to the doctor, but seeing as I don't have a day off until Thursday, and I'm not sure if it's really necessary right now, I am trying to work out the possibilities for now.

Here's the situation... I'm 23, my last period was just before my birthday on February 8th/9th (I remember because I was happy to be finished with it by Valentine's Day).  Normally, my period is pretty regular at around 30 days (sometimes a day off), and I can usually tell the night before when it's going to happen.

Around March 8th, I started to feel like I was going to get my period (slight cramping early in the morning).  I was so convinced that I even borrowed a pad from a girl at work.  But, it just went away, there were no more cramps or bleeding.

I didn't think anything else about it until around the 11th, when I started adding up days since I had my last period.  I realized I was around 2 or 3 days late, and decided to take a pregnancy test.  It was negative.  When I was 5 days late, I took another one, still negative.  Yesterday (17th) made me about 8 days late, and another test was still negative.

This morning I woke up feeling just a little "off", and figured my period was finally coming.  I was prepared all day at work, but it never did.

As far as other symptoms/signs, I really don't know.  My breasts don't feel sore, and they never really get noticeably sore when I'm menstruating.  I have woken up one time at about 4 am feeling instantly nauseas, but it went away in less than a minute.  I have a very strong stomach and HATE to throw up, so I don't know if the typical morning sickness would affect me or not.  This morning at work, my stomach felt like it was rolling a little, but not nauseas, just enough to make me have loose stool.

Last week I did get extremely tired very fast.  I would be fine and then all of the sudden, it was like I could barely make it to the bed in time to fall asleep, normally I have to "make" myself go to bed for work.

If it makes any difference, I don't think my fiance and I had sex around the time I was ovulating.  We usually practice the "withdrawl" method, but on the very last day of my last period we did have full unprotected sex.  Everytime since then he has withdrawn.

So... if anybody cared to read all that, and would like to give me a guess/opinion on it, that would be great!  I have never really had a real pregnancy issue come up before, but I've also never been this late before.  I can't help but feel kind of excited, even if it's not probable and it would mean moving the wedding up a bit!
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Withdrawing isn't considered a method and it is definitely possible to conceive. Sperm can live up to 5 days in the vagina so if you had sex a couple days before probable ovulation then you could be pregnant.

I think it'd be great to request a blood test to confirm pregnancy or not. That would be most accurate. Ask for a quantative HCG test.
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Thanks JoyRenee.  I guess it just seems kind of surreal that it's even a possibility.  I feel ridiculous making a doctor's appointment, and telling them the only time we've had full unprotected sex was the last day of my last period.  I know it's possible to get pregnant even when he withdraws, but how likely, really?

Even though I've had some of the textbook symptoms (fatigue, one case of morning nausea, fake period, etc.), I keep thinking that I'm probably just imagining them or making them worse than they really are because I know that I'm late.

At least now I will know what test to ask for if I end up going to the doctor, a quantitive HCG... we have moved 8 hours away from both our families for my career, so I wouldn't have a close mom/aunt/sister to go with me that has experience.  My fiance is wonderful but he is clueless about pregnancy!
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You have a 25% chance of getting pregnant every cycle you don't use any protection. So most likely around 25% chance of being pregnant.

It's definitely possible to have phantom symptoms to the point you don't have your period.

Please keep us updated and good luck! Hopefully you'll have some answers as to what is going on.
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Okay, update - still have not gotten my period.  Today makes me about 10 days late, I took a test yesterday morning and still negative.

Yesterday my stomach hurt in the evening, kind of at the top of my stomach.  It felt almost like I was bloated or something, but that could've been because I worked all day and hardly had time to eat anything substantial.  Early this morning, I could have sworn that my period was coming because I woke up to a slightly grumbly, achy stomach.  I don't know why but I usually start my periods in the early morning, and this was exactly what it felt like.  But, no... not so much as a spot.

Also last night, I planned on staying up late to enjoy some time with my fiance since I didn't have to get up for work today.  I jumped in the bath for a relaxing read, but didn't even get the book open before I started to feel so sleepy I could barely stay awake.  I didn't even wash my hair, just jumped right back out and dressed, then fell asleep on the couch.

The only other change, and I have no idea if this is related to pregnancy or not... is that my face is suddenly abnormally dry.  I've never had dry skin under or around my eyes, and yesterday I could literally peel some skin off my eyelids if I wanted!  (Gross, I know!)  I moisturized and haven't done anything differently, so I don't know what's going on with that.

I'm sitting here today debating on whether I should call around and try to get an appointment for a checkup today.  It's last minute so I'd probably be out of luck, but my next day off will be Thursday NEXT week!
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You might want to try to get the appt.  It will make you feel better either way just to know.  I feel like if you are having all of these symptoms, it should show up on a test by now, BUT there are rare instances that for some reason a woman either never gets a + on a urine test, OR it takes several months.  I have a co-worker that has been pregnant 4 times and has never had it come up + on a urine test.  She has always had to have it confirmed through blood tests.  With 3 of her pregnancies, they sadly ended up in m/c but her full term healthy pregnancy also had to be confirmed by blood and never showed up on a urine test.  The only reason I brought up her m/c was to say that for her, it didn't seem to matter.  Anytime she gets pregnant, it never shows up in a urine test.

Good luck to you!!!!  I hope it turns out the way you want it to!!!
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Thanks, Michele.  I did go ahead and call the doctor this morning and was miraculously able to get in for an appointment.  I needed my yearly exam done anyway, so it worked out.

I told them on the phone when I was making the appointment that I also wanted a blood test done to rule out pregnancy, but when I got there and got checked in and everything, they gave me a cup to pee in.  I took it and then asked if I would also be getting the blood test.  The nurse told me that they could do a blood test if I really wanted, but that done at the right time, the urine test would be just as accurate.  

So... I did the urine test and it came back negative.  I have to admit, I felt a little twinge of disappointment at the news.  I called my fiance to let him know, and he was disappointed too!  Who would've guessed... we should be relieved that we don't have to push the wedding up, but instead we're all down in the dumps, lol.

Still though, I've had an achy stomach all day and no period.  The doctor said it was probably stress that made me just skip ovulating.  But then why would I "feel" like I was having my period 10 days ago?  Why have I been having period-like symptoms for the last few days?  I've been under alot of stress in my life, but never has my period been affected at all.

Now I'm wishing that I'd insisted on the blood test.  I have new birth control pills to start next week, but what if I'm actually pregnant and I'm just one of those rare few who never get a positive urine test?  Won't birth control pills hurt a growing baby?  Ugh!
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hmmm, if you guys are both disappointed and down in the dumps at the possibility of not being pregnant, isn't it time to throw that birth control away?
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