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Possibly pregnant

This seems crazy to me to even think it's possible, but I have a feeling I may be pregnant. I should have started my cycle either yesterday or today and still nothing. I'm not one to be late. My body is like a clockwork that way and won't let me not have at least a little bleeding. I am on camrese, and just started my new pack. I don't usually skip or take the last weeks pills, but I always have a couple days of bleeding and cramps regardless of not taking them. I've been taking these pills for almost a year.

Besides the missed cycle, I've been cramping like I'm going to start, but I'm only getting wateryand/or creamy discharge. A couple weeks ago I noticed some minor spotting and assumed it was probably an abrasion from sexual intercourse. He was not using a condom during any of this time. We were on vacation in a different time zone a couple weeks ago and I ended taking my pills late a few times as a result and they were always iffy as to whether the pills in question were working for me to stop ovulation, but I assumed they did work. I may have been wrong. Now I'm thinking it's possible it could have been ovulation spotting. About 6-7 days later I had some brown to light pink spotting for a little over a day and some mild cramping which was very odd for me. I rarely spot at all and never about a week or so before my cycle starts. I've been cramping off and on since.

Lately I've noticed that I've felt more dizzy and super tired even on 8-9 hours of sleep. Like I can hardly get up because I'm so tired. I thought I wasn't getting enough iron or protein or something, but an increase in meat and a daily vitamin still hasn't helped. I've also been super hungry. I'm not one who eats a lot and I usually just graze all day here and there to get food down. When my cycle usually starts, I lack an appetite, but it's as if I can't get enough to eat. I've also been getting some interesting cravings. Anything salty and/or sweet, but not savory. Savory foods have made me feel ill. Yesterday I added salt to my french fries and then dipped them in honey because it just sounded really good and today I melted a marshmellow between a couple pringles. Crazy combos, but they were really tasty to me.

I've also noticed my emotions seem insane and while I'm not really an emotional person, I've found myself in tears a lot lately and prone to anger a lot quicker than normal. I also seem to swing back to happy/content easier than usual as well. Should also mention that I'm not one to have PMS. My pre-cycle and during cycle emotions tend to be only a "I don't feel well, so please leave me alone" attitude due to the extreme pains that leave me unable to move and make me feel sick and the fatigue. So these extreme emotions have bothered me.

I took a test a couple days ago and it was negative. I used First Response and it said it usually works about three days beforehand. However I know that it was still early and may not have had enough HCG. I took one last night (ClearBlue brand), but because it was later in the day its definitely possible it messed with the levels of it in the urine. I'd have to go buy more tests if I wanted to check again, so out of curiosity, is it possible I'm pregnant or is it something else causing the extreme hunger/weird cravings, fatigue and low abdominal/lower back cramps?
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sounds like u have all the symptoms I had when I found out I was pregnant, except I had all day sickness too. I did a few pregers tests and they said negative then when I got positive it said I was 3-4 weeks which meant I had just tested to early and the hormone levels weren't enough to make the test positive. if u can get ur doc to do a bloodtest. that'll tell u straight away if u r or not. hope this helps, good luck x
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I took another one this morning...also negative, but the single line was a bit swervy. I should be almost 5 weeks if I'm pregnant. Still experiencing the same symptoms and felt a little sick this morning the second time I got up, but my allergy issues can cause that as well from drainage. Not sure if I'm pregnant or if something else is going on. I'll call my obgyn today and see what I can find out.
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Going on vacation can cause your period to go whacky, and stressing about it can push it back even farther. Also, it could be that you've been reading up on pregnancy symptoms because you think you're pregnant and your brain is tricking you into feeling the symptoms. That's so common, it happens all the time. It happened to me a few times. If you're 5 weeks and feeling all of those symptoms then you should have a positive test because the hcg hormone which causes you to feel all if the pregnancy symptoms is the same hormone that makes the pregnancy test show up positive.
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I didn't read up on it until after it was suggested that the symptoms could be related to pregnancy. Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted to believe and many of the symptoms I don't have like sickness or constipation, etc. I'm not any more stressed than normal. The vacation was actual relaxing. It's been 5 weeks since my LMP. It would be about 2 weeks since the possible conception is I was pregnant. I've heard every woman is different in the amount of hcg levels and timing. I was not trying to get pregnant at all and I actually believe I probably can't get pregnant due to my endometriosis, so it is a surprise to think I would be.
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