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In Arizona, need to set up docs..

Hi all and thank you.
I would totally go to Mayo Clinic except they don't take my insurance.
I have just arrived in the area and need to set up new doctors and am wondering if anyone here might be able to suggest one or two.

I had external radiation with brachy boost for my prostate cancer and need to link up with a good team for monitoring and follow.

Any suggestions for the Phoenix area?

Need an ...
-Internist for regular stuff
-Maybe an MO would be best for follow on in this case?
-If you know a good Uro, let me know as I may need one.
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I'm sorry this is happening.

We don't have a doctor list, unfortunately. While you wait for someone to post, you might also want to post this in our Urology forum - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Urology/show/52

It's not prostate cancer specific, but it gets a lot more traffic and someone might be able to help faster.

Best of luck to you.
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Thankyou auntiejessie
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