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Adult - Retinal vasculitis

I am 25 years Old , I am facing same retinal vasculitis issue.
I have been adviced to take Emsolone tab , dosage started from 70mg and reduced upto 7.5mg now and its almost 11 months to reduce this dosage.

I have  been taking ATT as well..

I am not feeling any improvement , i am worried , is this curable can any one answer me
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HI there...sorry to hear of your troubles. My husband also has a rare eye condition that is causing him to lose vision in his eyes. It is not treatabel very much and not curable. It is progressive, though slowly. It had a fast onset then has leveled off. But will not improve.

His is a result of an underlying disorder that is caused by genetics. In your case, have the drs found a source of the vasculitis? Usually there is systemic disease associated with this condition, so have they investigated at all what might be underlying cause?

There are things such a s MS or Bechets syndrome...and there are others... taken from Wikipedia

Retinal vasculitis is very rare as the only presenting symptom. Often there is sufficient systemic evidence to help the physician decide between any one of the aforementioned possible systemic diseases. For those patients who present with only vasculitis of the retinal vessels, great investigative effort (Chest X-ray, blood test, urinary analysis, vascular biopsy, ophthalmology assessment, etc.) should be undertaken to ensure that a systemic disease is not the hidden culprit.

Diseases associated with retinal vasculitis

Behçet's disease
Multiple sclerosis
Temporal arteritis
Polyarteritis nodosa
Wegener's granulomatosis
Lupus erythematosus
Rheumatoid arthritis
Eales disease

End quote.

Hope this might help. If they can find the source of the eye condition, if there is one, maybe that will help them treat the eye condition more effectively.

Take care...
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Thanks for the information Panda,

I have been diagnosed for all the diseases and are negative.
I am having high level of HOMOCYSTEIN in my blood.
I was positive for Antiferon TB gold test and they adviced me to take ATT.

I have been taking both ATT and the steroids but i am not happy with my vision.
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High levels of homocystein in blood leaves a person very high risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is very important for the dr to test you for the cardio vascular and heart problems.

Have all tests run for blood work, and get them to make sure that there is no underlying complications from having these high levels of homocystein. It is a serious condition.

There are cardio conditions that lead to vision problems as well, so maybe the two are connected. I am not exactly sure, but I can try to help you find out. I have many things saved regarding the eyes and know some places to look for information, as my husband has a serious eye condition, as well as other underlying genetic and viral conditions that made his eyes get this problem.

I will try ot get back to you soon...
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