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Ok this is my distressing story... Well i had my second baby girl on 18/04/2016 and i can not remember after the delievery as i passed out! After i came to i was already placed on the maternity ward and i felt very upset as i didnt have the beginning bonding experience, my partner had to sort everything out... I noticed missing skin on my daughters head in to places but didnt think much of it as i thought my partner would of asked about it and marked in the delievery file... I left the hospital the same day and the following day the midwife came to see both baby and I... She checked baby over etc and all was fine... I was told that health visitor would come in the next few days to check on us and handed me my delievery file to be handed to her... She came and checked my daughter over and everything was great... I totally forgot to ask her about the missing skin on my daughters head as we were filling in my daughters medical book and signing her up for baby groups, GP surgery etc! She wrote some things in the delievery file the midwife gave me to give to her and she handed it back to my surprise... She left so i thought i have a look in the file and noticed that the missing has NOT been noted at all so i decided to write a notes for the health visitor to remember to ask about it and at 10 days old all hell broke loose!!! I asked the health visitor and she never seen anything like it before and she phoned in to ask a senier health visitor to come look... My health visitor didnt point any fingers at me or anyone else but the other blames my dog for biting her, catching her hand with its claws, me, my partner, my 10year old daughter and his parents for hurting her... They sent me and my daughter to the hospital with an police officer to get her checked out... Social services were there waiting for us and took my 10year old from my partner and placed her in a care centre!!! As you can imagine all this stress and upset caused! I fully know i didnt do anything and i blamed myself for passing out in the first place... Well the consultant doctor came in to have a look at my baby and it took him only a few seconds to say "oh my, this is an genetic defeat called APLASIA CUTIS and is very rare and its a first for myself to see". Social services asked the doctor to prove this condition as they believe foul play... Sure enough the doctor gave them everything they needed! Social then had a cheek to say "your such a caring mother the way you hold and comfot your daughter, shes lucky to have you" in return i said you give my 10year old back to my partner now and get out, your false! They left with the police officers!!! My daughter was famous for the next 30mins ish as other doctors, nurses, junior docs/nurses and trainees all came to see her and the condition!! Aplasia Cutis is rare with 3 in 10,000 ! I was so emotional after this ordeal and sent in 3 complants... 1 to hospital for missing it, 1 to social and 1 to the senior health visitor!! I cant believe it and needed to get this off my chest... Thanks for reading in advance :)
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I wonder if it would help you to reframe your anger into gratitude to the doctor for knowing this very obscure thing,  and recognizing it,  and to the hospital staff and social worker for immediately realizing they made a mistake and turning around the whole investigation?

Your baby came in with what looked to all like an abuse case.  They swung into gear and took steps to keep your baby from further abuse.  That's their job.

They can't just look at a head wound on a baby and not react,  although I'm a little surprised they didn't notice it earlier.

Best wishes.  As angry as you are,  you must see that they reacted professionally and with the best of intentions.
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Im very thankful to the doctor whom recognized this and to this day am seeing him to find out more information on Aplasia Cutis and he loves seeing my daughter and keeping a diary on my daughters progress with it! My upset is how i was already treated as guilty... Their jobs are to safe guard but not to accuse without any evidence! It was explained they been there from birth and they were never open marks
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