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Crazy Ex-gf lying about pregnancy

Hello I have a problem and I need help please. I was in a relationship with this crazy girl and she was always lying and pretending she was sick. Whenever a little issue rises she threatens to leave and not talk to me again. I was done with this crap and I broke up with her. 2 weeks later she tells me she is pregnant and she took a hpt and it was positive. Although the last time we had sex was before her period ends, I ejaculated outside and she took the after pill!! How is that possible that she is pregnant?? Is it real or she is messing up with me? Please help me guys
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Her period started December 9th, we had sex December 12th, ejaculation outside and after pill like 2 hours after sex.
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Anything is possible, may not be probable.
If she is pregnant, there's not a lot you can do about it now.
It doesn't mean you are trapped to get back together.

If she really is pregnant, make her take a paternity test when the baby is born.

If she's lying and you don't cave, she'll grow tired of pursuing you.
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Just stop talking to her until this alleged baby is born and demand a court ordered paternity test. Until then you don't have to do anything and you're better off just not talking to her at all because she sounds like a total headcase.
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How long were you with this girl?

Yes, she could be pregnant because:

>You wore NO condom.  

>Sperm can be present in pre-ejaculation fluid.

Did you ACTUALLY see here take the after pill?

If you aren't 100% certain about someone use protection ALWAYS.  

Tell her to contact you AFTER the baby is born and do a paternity test.

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Thanks for replying. Yes she took the after pill right Infront of me. Her cycle is exactly 28 days and we had sex 4th day. So she would ovulate around day 14. that's 10 days before ovulation! How is it ever possible there was no egg at that time! Plus I ejaculated outside and she took the pill! I'm going crazy
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Nothing is foolproof including your calculations about her ovulation and the emergency contraceptive (which by the way has to be taken specifically as instructed if she indeed took it).  It doesn't matter that you ejaculated outside of her because there can be SPERM in pre-ejaculation fluid BEFORE you ejaculate.

Time will tell what the truth is.  Meanwhile, I would cut all contact with her until a baby appears.  
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You are right. I will block her completely. Last phone call she was cursing and telling me I want you to suffer your entire life! I can't believe how bad this person can be. Baby or no I will not talk to this evil person anymore
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She sounds like she's got some issues.  If it gets to a point you don't feel safe I would notify the authorities.   Hopefully she will stop all this nonsense.

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Thanks a lot for your help. Is there a chance she might be lying about all of this?
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No one here can tell you definitely if she is lying or not.  It does definitely sound like she has issues.  I wouldn't worry about this UNTIL there is something to worry about.  Until she produces a baby.........NO worries.  Move on with your life and don't let this consume you.  

All the best.
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Thanks a lot for your help you are a good person. Although it's hard to deal with anxiety but I'm doing my best
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Hi sue. Well, it really doesn't matter if he was good to her, not good to her, etc.  The issue is they are no longer together which either way (he was good to her or not) sounds like it is for the best.  NOW, it's dealing with her saying she is pregnant which is unwanted on his part.  He's questioning her.  That's okay for a man to do.  Our suggestion is that he wait it out and see if she is really pregnant because you can only get away with lying about that for so long.  If she turns out pregnant, then he should ask for a DNA paternity test to prove he is the father (all men should do that if they are no longer with the woman that says they are the father).  If he IS the father, he owes the child parental support (financial legally and parenting love morally) but he does not owe an ex girlfriend anything.  His responsibility is to the child if there is a child and it is his.

Couples break up. The backstory of their dating and what happened with that is irrelevant to me.  They aren't together now and he doesn't want a baby from her and thinks she's lying. So, sticking with that issue, that is the answer I am giving.  

luck to the poster.  
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