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Ejaculate to quickly - help on lasting longer

Hello, i am a 19 year old student. During my first month at uni i started going out with a girl and we have now been going out for roughly 9 months now.

I lost my virginity to her november last year... and i never seem to last long at all. We must of had sex coming on to 30 times now, i guess, and each time i dont last any more than an average of 3 mins.
The only time where i can last a bit longer is when ive had a few beers.. which would suggest to me that its to do with a psychological problem, maybe?

Ive tried reading up on the internet about this... they have listed techniques for me to try, ive tried a few but im either not doing them right... or they dont work.

All i know is that its getting really frustrating for me. I desperately want to last longer for my girlfriend.
I know that i dont really compare to the other guys shes 'got' with. Shes cheated on her boyfriends before and i dont want it happening again... i dont want her to go and seek the services of another man just because i dont satisfy her enough.

Allas to my question if you havent guessed what its going to be by now...

...what is ohms law?

Just kidding :)

Here it is:

How can i last longer during sex without the aid of alcohol?
Does masturbation help or is it a hindrance? (several mixed views scattered about on the internet, not sure which is true)

Thanks in advance :)
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This is an age old problem for men, it seems.  You are young and virile and have a "hair trigger".  I feel that Nature never intended couples to go on and on with the sex act.  Now, don't get me wrong; I would like it to go on and on, but Nature made us for procreation.  Get in and get out.  As time goes on, you will get more control.  A lot of it (most?) is mind control. You might want to mix things up with oral and/or hand methods.  Use plenty of foreplay; don't rush things.  With an attractive woman around, don't bother with the porn and/or masturbation, and I would not use the alcohol crutch.  Let her take you as you are.    
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also if you start to pay attention to the feeling that occurs before you are about to finish you can then slow things down and then let them pick back up again. my boyfirend has alot of control he knows exactly when its coming and if he knows that he will be finishin "too soon" which sometimes just happens anyway he will slow me down or he will slow him self down so he comes away from his climaxing point and then we work on reaching it again.  
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