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Is she really pregnant?

So my bf of 8 years has recently found out that a girl he was dating for a couple months during our break up is now pregnant. Mind u Ive been with him years,using no condom just the pullout method and frequent testing and have no gotten pregnant. He did tell me that on our break he told the girl that they weren't in a relationship (just friends) and he eventually was going to try n get me bsvk. She was in aggreance with him the entire "relationship ". N he admitted he did sleep with her unprotected twice but he pulled out. After months of not seeing each other we ran into each other n he immediately wanted me back n we began dating n planned a weekend away with each other. He told me the day he bumped into me he let her know that he seen me n he was going to try and workout me. She told him it was cool she was good with being his friend. About two weeks before our planned vacation she started saying she was pregnant. He gave her four pg tests all came back negative. He even gave her a pg test the Sat morning before we left. That sat night as we sit in our hotel room she texts him asking where he is and whose he with. He tells her I'm with my ex on vacay, she immediately texts back "well I'm pregnant, how about that". She claims the Sat morning she took the test with him it was negative and Sat she goes to doc and they tell her she's pg. sunday comes around we're still on vacay and she tells him the doc said the results from the test they where taking at home where false negatives. He asked her for proof she was prego and she immediately starts arguing . He consistently asked her for proof all day  and she puts it off n off until that night she sends a pic of a positive test. He told her he'd be a father to his child and that's it and they would never be together. Over the weekend he was trying to talk to her about there assumed future child n the only thing she wanted to talk about was their "relationship "/ friendship. He asked can he go with her to the doc and she says "why would u do that". I'm confused n want to know could she be lying and if so how long will she keep it going? The only proof she gave was that picture and he went over there n asked her to take another test n she Bugs out and chances the subject.
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First of all, the pull out method is NOT birth control and if that's all you're doing then you're going to end up pregnant sooner or later as will any other girls he decides to have sex with.

Secondly, he cheated on you before and that's why you broke up and now he's cheating again and she is probably pregnant. It's time to kick this loser out of your life for good because he's nothing but a player and you're only going to end up eventually being one of many baby mamas of his who he likely will not support financially and it's going to turn out really bad for you and any future kids of yours.

Third, I hope that you will take some time to be single after you break up with him and really start thinking about what kind of future you want for yourself. If you stay with him and allow this to continue, I guarantee it will turn out bad for you. That's a 100% certainty. It's time for you to take charge of your life and start making better choices for yourself and don't settle for losers like this player who is completely wrong for you and doesn't deserve any more of your time.
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I think it's extremely unlikely she's pregnant - you can buy positive pregnancy tests on craigs list.  If she showed him her medical form showing positive pregnancy test,  with the name of the clinic on it and her name,  I'd believe that.  

I don't understand this loose relationship thing,  and wouldn't want to trust a guy who takes breaks in a relationship so he can have meaningless sex with his friends.
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If she is covering up that much and making all these excuses then she more than likely isnt pregnant! Because if she was I know if it was me I would want to prove myself withiout the shadow of a doubt. Especially for her not to let him go to a Dr apt with her, whats to hide?!? Lol I tink you guys are good and if she does by chance pop up with a baby in the future tell you BF to be sure to get a paternity test. Good luck
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I don't do the "go on a break" thing, for this very reason. It wouldn't be acceptable for me to have my man keeping "friends with benefits" friends on the side lines, and pouncing on them whenever he decided to take a break. You take a break at lunch time, not while in a solid long term relationship. How serious is this "relationship" if one must take a break from it? I think if you talked about why you took  a break in the first place (or how many breaks you've taken) you'd be focusing on the matters you should. As far as this girl maybe making up a pregnancy to have him, that's what happens when you use a girl for sex when you take a break from your spouse. Both women are getting the short end of the stick. I'd be reevaluating whether this is something you want to continue to have happen, the breaks i mean. If not, in the words of Bob Marley, " not living good, travel wide".
Of all my married friends, not one of them has "taken a break". Something to think about.
also, having a "boyfriend" for 8 years? without a solid commitment to each other can be the real problem here.
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1.  I agree with Nighthawk, the guy is not worth your time.
2.  She is probably not pregnant.  This has nothing to do with #1 above, though, he is not worth your time whether or not she is pregnant.
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