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Missing someone (Dedicated to Londres70)

Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon guys and whassup. Sixteen year old student, writer, drummer, hero, more from Sydney. First of all, even though I said this was dedicated to Londres, other people can answer too. Londres, dude, how've you been, I haven't heard from you in ages!

In fact, the last time you answered one of my questions was back in October when I talked about losing my friend and BTW, that is a non-issue now :D

My question is when should you miss someone? I go to school, amazing place full of amazing people and one of those amazing people is my friend Olive. Currently we are battling the exams for two weeks and the thing is, if you do not have an exam, you have a day off. After the exams, you have a two weeks holiday break :D

Olive is in my English class and the English exam was my first one. So six days ago was when I said goodbye to her. Six days ago was the last time I would see her personally for over a month. I would still talk to her on Facebook and **** but not personally.

Bottom line is, I'm missing her. Should you really miss someone after only being away for only six days? We have been through a lot together, I have helped guide her through a couple of medical emergencies and a breakup and I sometimes get flashbacks to those emergencies, they were traumatic events.

My counsellor said they will go away the more I see her and the more I talk to her, but that's a month away.

I love her, I really do but is it normal to miss her so soon?

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I prefer to be called "lady" than "dude."

Of course you can miss someone after 6 days.  I have even missed family and friends within hours after leaving them.  

I would call my friends daily or plan something to do with my friends over long breaks when I was in high school.  Perhaps these are options for you?  Seems like the younger generation loves connecting through FB, which I am not a fan of, but hey, I am not a young kid anymore.
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Haha, thanks LOL. Yeah Facebook is extremely useful for communicating with people when you are away on break. Inbox :)

I realised I might have to distract myself this month, write my Ancient History Essay, train, go out, anything and the time away from her will pass like nothing I have ever seen before.

Cheers. The word "dude" is more relaxed than anything. I have been so much more relaxed recently.

I even call my teachers "mate" and swear around my adviser, no one gives a ****, our school is an "adult learning environment" anyway, so you can connect with your teacher in a more relaxed kind of tone.

Sweet, thanks again.
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