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No idea what to do about this man

This probably sounds a little weird so here goes.

I have known this man for about 5 years. I have no idea if he likes me, but I am getting told by friends he and I know that he has been wanting to know where I am and he gets upset when I might possibly be moving away from him.

My friends have since been saying that when he talks to them he avoids eye contact with them and is staring at me the whole time until he finishes talking to them. Once he was caught by then checking me out from behind.
When he talks to them and I am talking to someone else nearby they tell me he stops talking with them and sits there and listens and he only resumes talking when I finish talking.

My confidence is really low with men. I don’t really think I’m that pretty to look at and I don't have a very interesting life. I am shy and have never flirted with a man before in my life either but others apart from my friends have told me the guy is acting like a weirdo. Just wondering if he is worth pursuing at all given his actions? Thanks.
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So you are around him on a regular basis. Try to catch his eye, smile and give a nod at the empty space beside you. There are hundred ways to start a conversation including  “Hi, I’m Cynthia and we seem to run into each other quite often. Do you live around here?”
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Do you think he is a weirdo? If not, why not ask him to have a cup of coffee?
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Yeah, I don't think he is a weirdo at all. I spoke to one of my most closest of friends and they believe that yes he most probably likes me and finds me attractive but because they know him better than I know him they believe he is being socially awkward. He is basically a workaholic and he has friends and family, but the only times he ever socialises is on Friday and Saturday night binges and occasional trips to Las Vegas.

The friends he hangs around with, they know who I am and he pointed me out to them.

I don't think he drinks coffee either! Thanks for replying though, appreciated :) x
Oh, sorry - also, the guy in question is single :) x
And that my friend feels that the guy would feel extremely flattered that I like him! x
Well, coffee or not, there might be some little social thing you could do to break the ice. Ask how his weekend was?  Ask if he has any pets? See if he would like to take a short walk?
Haha yes that might work, about how his weekend was! I don't even have his mobile number anymore, he gave it to me when he invited me to a party at his place and I deleted it from my phone. Plus I changed numbers.
He works for the same company I do, too. That's how I know him, see.
Thanks x
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