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She May Have Cheated On me

Answer this question once you read everything else. Do you think she had a sexual relationship with our roommate who is a good friend of mine?

First you must know that the woman I was with, we are no longer dating. We dated for nearly seven years since our junior year of high school up until a few months ago ,which we are now fifth year seniors in college. So things have been very tough and difficult for her for the past 8 months or so and things have happened where she has found her self making out with guys on the dance floor at a wedding, or when she's drunk with her friends downtown. She confessed everything she has done behind my back, but ill never know if I heard it all or the entire truth about things. Things obviously were not working out because she officially ended our relationship. So the clues I have slowly found throughout the past 8-10 months or so, have been making me a little skeptical about her possibly having sex with my friend who was mine and hers housemate for a year, and he is now my roommate.

So the clues are:
1. She seemed to become overly paranoid and angry with my friend.
2. She consistently would state she hated him.
3. She would avoid and ignore him after about 8 months of us all living together.
4. I found a pair of her underwear on the ground in his room.
5. He would show me a photo of another girls *** (Not my Ex) that a girl sent him and say doesn't her butt sorta look like your EXs ***. Sorta weird because my ex girls *** is one of a kind...Seriously its amazing and the photo isn't her.
6. A photo on a school snapchat story line appeared a girl in bra and thong and and he said doesn't that look like your girls body, again she's my ex now.
7. Clues 5 and 6 are the ones where I am wondering how does he know what my girls bare *** and naked body looks like.
8. Back to the finding of her underwear on the floor in his room, I grabbed them and showed them to her and asked if they are hers and she asked where did I find them, I said; in his room on the ground. She gets pissed and says thats disgusting ewe, he's gross, he must have ******* took them and let one of his tramps use them, ewe gross and has a angry demeanor upon her now.
9. On her 23rd birthday he left her a nice birthday card (probably the most innocent clue).

So please give me your honest opinions from everything I have told you. I would just ask him but he's obviously going to deny that he they hooked up.

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I am not sure why you have to know this or why this is of any importance.  You are no longer a couple.  

What reason or reasons did she give you for wanting to end the relationship?

Did you ask your roommate about this?  Why not ask him?

The roommate is just as guilty as the ex IF all of this really happened.

You may never get the whole truth of the matter, so you have to be prepared to move on without ever knowing exactly what happened.
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The only thing that 'may' matter is that you are still close to the friend and living with him.  I'd ditch a friend who slept with my significant other right under my nose personally.  But if you are friends, he should be asked rather than suspected.  He's as much to blame as the ex girlfriend who I agree --  it doesn't matter about HER.  She's history.  But you need clarification from your friend for the roommate relationship to go on.  good luck
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It really doesnot matter any more since your no longer together. The way youve listed all these clues its obvious that your terribly hurt so i would distance myself from all these people including your room mate. There nothing to gain by knowing who had sex with who. Just move on as something good will come your way in time.
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Have you asked your friend point blank?
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