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Abrupt breathing problems and increased heart rate

Hello I will try and be brief. This started back in May of 2014 when I was on vacation. I abruptly began to feel like it took more effort to breathe in and till this day, when I do it feels like the air is not going into my lungs and just overall does not feel comfortable/satisfying. Sometimes it is worse than other times. It is usually worse at night and when I lie perfectly flat on my back. I used to smoke about half a pack a day and drink about 2-3 times per week on and off and I have maintained that lifestyle for about 2 years. Since this condition started I have cut back significantly on the alcohol and the smoking. Oddly enough, when I drink it doesnt seem to bother me as much however. I am 27 years old and have never had any serious conditions and have generally been pretty healthy. Also, I feel like there is something stuck in my throat (specifically where my throat meets my upper chest area) everytime I swallow and recently has become worse when I eat. Sometimes both of these issues cause my heart rate to beat abnormally fast (around 120) but then later comes back to normal. I have had a chest x-ray, an ekg and a pft test performed so things like lung cancer, copd, and asthma are ruled out. I thought it was anxiety so I took a Xanax one day thinking it would help but if anything I felt worse (breathing wise). Some people have told me it could be acid reflux but when I take things that are used to treat acid reflux such as omeprazole 20 mg I dont really feel like it does anything. Does anyone have any advice on what this could be or what tests I should have done? This feeling has caused me intense depression and my quality of life has diminished signficantly since it started. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Can someone please help?? Thanks!
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Hello Sivaraj,

First off I apologize for taking so long to respond. My situation sounds similar to yours but I need to know more. When I breathe, I feel smothered and generally feel like I can't breathe freely. Do you feel like this?

Also, when I am sleeping and I wake up, I generally feel like I can breathe better but the sensation of clearer breathing goes away after a few minutes which makes me think it could be anxiety.

I also take adderall sporadically when I study and I feel that helps out my breathing significantly. Some people however, report the opposite effect. Let me know how your doing. Thanks!
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Hey ,

Me too have the same problem.

Just posted a thread and no one came back!! :(

"All of a sudden one day, i wanted to take deep breathe to satisfy me. From that day, i am often having this problem.

When i go to bed, i feed i need to take a deep breathe which takes away my sleep. When i was not concentrating on this, all things are normal. I tend to Yawn frequently to get the long breathe!! Its crazy.

Please let me know if any of you are facing the same issue? and any Medication can be taken?

Please help!!


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