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Feel fine but coughing up pink and foul tasting mucus

I was living in my van and  had a rat that i couldnt get rid of. I started coughing up blood  about a yr ago but noyhing serious. Now its a constant congestion , coughing, wizing breathing with pink and white foul tasting  plealm
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Hello and welcome to the forum. We're so glad you found us!  That sounds like a very hard time for you.  How long were you living out of your van?  Do you have adequate housing now? And am I understanding you correctly, you had a rat you couldn't get rid of? As in a rat was in the van with you? This is not a pet rat but a rat that took up residence in the van from outside? Your health does sound precarious.  Coughing up blood is something that requires medical evaluation even if it is 'not serious to you. Here is an article. https://www.healthline.com/health/coughing-up-blood  You can copy and paste that to your search bar.

That you seem to describe worsening of symptoms and the breathing issues which may be shortness of breath or lead to shortness of breath, is there an emergency room you could go to or urgent care.  I do believe you need medical evaluation as soon as possible.  

Let me know how you are doing.
Yes it was a wild rat. And i tried everything to get rid of it. I knew from past experience at my work , which was a storage facility that i also lived in. It was rat infested and it got to the point that i literally had rats running over me while i slept. We ended up sealing up every nook n cranny. That stopped the migration of them from unit to unit. The only real effective traps are sticky traps. But they literally just suffer until they die of thrist. So id use Vaseline and pull them free. Only to have them come back with their friends and still. Covered in Vaseline, and of course not afraid of me anymore. Rats are very very smart and ive compared them to ppl ever since i was a kid growing up in LA where they get so big they look lime cats. In fact cats dont stand much a chance  to city rats. So they can only get them in the nest when their yng. The one in my car would go up insude my dash where i couldnt even reach him so if i poisoned him he'd of died up in my dash. And a dead rat in your car would be impossible to even get into. So yes i have had extensive exposure to them.
I have to say this much as far as getting it out. I am from LA and i was sent to they San Francisco Bay area to do Gods work. And i ended up in Oakland after the storage facility job ended. This was post pandemic and my friend waliving off wood street. The 1st time we pulled in there i was amazed. All these pphad set up camps and wete living under the west Oakland freeway juctions of the 8o, 805 and a few more.  It was like a Hollywood movie set, and having never  lived in such a setting and being a writer or a musician who write songs n poetry. I found it fascinating.... So i just sort of hung around and asked a lot of questions, and started ckeaning. I could understand someone being homeless.
But i did not understand why they choose to live in squalor?. So i started cleaning and the city noticed and that led to them getting a trash serbice a water service and bathrooms. Me ive got some lung infection that i cant get rid of i quit smoking 15 yrs ago but the damage from cigarettes is obvious. Since i have always been very active and a drummer which i all about cardo they say i am still ticking like a teenager. So its not like i am 64 yr old couch potato.. And i am hardly a bum. ( my father would die if i became a bum. Ive alresdybraised a family. And left all thst in Huntington Beach ca. And hesded for th bay area... Now this has set me for a Frickin loop because ive never bern sick from anything. So i realize this was a story and not a comment, but i needed to just say something . So i have thanx for your concern and your response...
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