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Anal Sex With an Unknown STD-Status CSW, Condom Breakage

Hello MedHelp members and visitors. I wish you all health and happiness.

I'm a male at my 30s who always practices protected sex (vaginal and anal).
The encounter I had a week or so ago was a bit different though because for the first time the condom got torn
during anal penetration (the tip of it to be specific). I believe the CSW was Chinese at her 20s. Immediately,
when I found out about it, I pulled my joystick out, went to the toilet, urinated little amount of urine (approx. 50 ml or less) washed the shaft with water and soap, the penetration did not last more than 1- 2 minutes maximum, it was gentle. The only thing I blame myself for is letting the girl use (baby oil) which is a petrolium-based lubricant and the main cause behind the condom failure (quality, storing or expiration of condom is unknown). Couldn't carry on with sex since I emotionally got disturbed from that incident, so I jerked off instead and splashed my cream on her. She assured me she was clean, her mama-san did so as well upon calling her, they added the girl gets checked regularly. I can't trust anyone, so I'm here to ask you guys, am I at risk of contracting an STD? Hepatitis, Syphilis or other STDs? Should I be worried? Should I get tested?
I forgot to add, this, does the remaining of saliva help reduce a possible STD transmission? i.e. I received oral from the CSW before I started anally penetrating her. Or the remaining of oil coud act as a barrier?
Also the girl looked okay. I've always had weird marks on my penis (scars or something).
BTW, I have not experienced any symptoms since then.

Please help me, thanks.
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Yes, there is a chance you'd get an STD from this. You weren't unprotected for long, but it can happen.

Was your oral protected?

You can test for gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU, and mycoplasma at 5 days. This is a urine test.

You can test for syphilis at 6 weeks. The average time that a syphilis sore would appear is 3 weeks, but can appear as early as 10 days.

You can test for herpes with a type specific IgG test now, as a baseline, and again at 12 weeks, if blood tests are available where you are. If they aren't, if you don't get symptoms, I wouldn't worry. The chances of herpes from a brief encounter are low.

If you haven't been vaccinated for hep B, you can test for that at 6 weeks, and again at 90 days.

There's a slim chance of hep A, and if you routinely have anal sex, you should get vaccinated. Hep C is very rarely spread by sex. When it is, it's unprotected anal sex with blood.

Don't panic - just test.

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Thank you a lot ♥ for your help and advice.
No, oral was not protected.

Is it okay to just wait 3 months and test for the STDs you mentioned, plus HIV, all at once?
So with regards to herpes, if no symptoms appear then mostly likely no infection happened?
I have to search the availability of Hepatitis A, B and C vaccinations where I live.
What about HPV?
With regards to vaccination, I have to mention I regularly visit barbershops and dental clinics, however, I always use my personal
tools in barbershops. In clinics, tools are sterilized. When it comes sex, I usually practice anal (but always.. always protected)
except for this one incident (condom breakage).
Yes, it's fine to wait for 3 months and test all at once. If you get symptoms, go sooner.

With herpes, yes, most likely if you get no sores, no infection, but that's not 100% definitive.

HPV is a possibility, but it's a possibility any time you have sex, protected or not. HPV is transmitted by skin to skin contact, and condoms don't cover all your skin. They do offer significant protection, but not full. HPV is very common.

Hep C doesn't have a vaccine, just A and B. Your doctor should know about them.

I wouldn't worry about barbershops, unless your barber is in the habit of cutting you and then himself, with larging, gaping wounds. Razors can transmit bloodborne pathogens, but it's not really a thing that happens.

I understand your fear here, but the condom broke, you realized it quickly and stopped.
Thanks a million times, dear auntiejessi.
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