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Brief genital contact. STD RISK?

So a month ago, I had a tipsy encounter with someone where it led to a raw genital rubbing and briefly, he put it in for a few seconds before I rejected so.
I must admit, I am very scared.
What are the possible STD's that I might have exposed myself to in this situation?
I do not have any symptoms or abnormal vaginal discharges.

Please I need to be more educated about this.
Thank you so much
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Hi, i would not be overly worried about contracting any std from your brief encounter but i must say him having his penis inside you   for a few seconds is a risk for all stds.  If you have a family doctor you might want to talk to them about this to ease your anxiety.
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thank you for your response.
I got tested for everything, all negative. But I did not test for HSV2 because I would rather see a lesion and get that tested instead of getting in the loop of false positives.

anyway, he put the tip in for a few seconds. Now i remembered that i had a brief cut, and my major concern is HIV. It was a little tear no deepness or blood or so.

Please i need to ease my mind.
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Gemi, I agree totally. The risk is very, very low, but in theory, there is a risk.

Get some condoms, put them in your purse, your nightstand, your coffee table, or wherever you might need them. Be prepared. :)
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Thank you for your responses. I got my results back everything came back negative.
However, now my concern is HIV.
I remembered I had a brief vaginal cut prior to the encounter. and now I am actually freaking out...
my cut was not so deep or so.

We had a talk about his sexual history and how he is a blood donor and this is why HE is actually ANXIOUS. He told me he got tested after our encounter.

I am just going over these things to try and convince myself that he might be as equally concerned about his health and him being anxious about it reminds of my self.
Like he did have a big box of condoms by his bed.. as soon as we finished he got very worried and asked if I was tested.. etc.

This shows concern and awareness, I hope.
He put the penis head in for literally 10 seconds.. the rubbing lasted i would say for 7-10 minutes.

I must admit... i did not care less about my life that night, my boyfriend left me with no closure.. a few days before that happened.. i felt rejected and not worthy of love or worthy of living at all. That night, the pain i was feeling in my heart felt like nothing worse can happen.
Not to sound like i am justifying anything... but it is insane how at a very low moment in life.. you become so reckless.
Sorry this got off topic.. but AuntieJessi i am lucky to have you on this virtual world.

First, one guy saying he prefers not to be with you doesn't make you unworthy. It means one guy decided that the relationship wasn't going to work. It's not a statement of your worth or value or if you are lovable. And the only closure you ever need from a relationship not working is, "This isn't the guy for me. I can do better than someone who left with little to no explanation."

You also don't need to justify anything to anyone. You're a grown up, and sexuality is a normal, wonderful thing grown ups get to enjoy.

It really sounds like your risk is very, very low. Test if you need to - you already know about herpes testing and the pitfalls so go cautiously - but I wouldn't worry if I were you.

And counseling? Before you decide to be in another relationship, take some time to help yourself. That you even thought you weren't worthy of living even for a moment means you need counseling. Talk to your doctor. If you ever feel suicidal, call 1-800-273-8255, go to https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ or text HOME to 741741. (I think you're in the US - if you aren't, let me know and I can get other resources.)

Gemi, you are worthy.
Hello Aunt,
thank you for always responding and being there for me.

You are absolutely right, iI should get out of my feelings and tell myself that this relationship might not be the good one for me. I am worthy of love...
Thank you for the link, yes I do live in the US.

And do you mean I should get REtested?

I got tested after a month of exposure and have received my results 2 days ago, and all is negative. (Without the Herpes testing though because fxck that, I would rather wait for a lesion)

Thank you always

Nope, I don't think you should get retested. I wouldn't in your situation, but I also know you have a lot of anxiety, and might test to put your mind at ease.

And really, this is one guy. This relationship not working means you are free to find the guy who is right for you. It might not be the next guy, or the guy after that, or even the one after that. But with each date, with each relationship, you'll figure out what you want and don't want, what you need and don't need.

There are all kinds of cliches about loving yourself first, love finding you when you least expect it, being young and having all the time in the world, and love finding you when it's the right time, and all kinds of other happy sh... stuff, but they are all true. I'm old. Well, older, anyway, so trust me on this. You will only end up single if you choose to. :)
I just came back from urgent care and spoke with the doctor for another opinion on consultation.
Just like what you said, everything is fine.

Though I need to see my gyno for a biopsy to check if i have HPV.
Now i am worried about that lol, but since it can be cured if contracted... I am fine?
iam not very aware of HPV so I am sure I am not vaccinated ... :(
Is it really much of an issue? ( i know sometimes it can cause cervical cancer ) but despite that, is it sexually an issue? Will i have it forever? what are the treatments if it is cancerous and if it is not, what is the treatment ?

The lack of sexual education that i have despite the awareness alot of resources tend to give is actually troublesome. I came from a culture and country where sex is a taboo and cannot be discussed.

And yes my love,
I have given this man my all and it felt like it will be for lasting... Now i am trying to take my love back that I poured into him.
Wait - what are they biopsying? Do you have a spot or bump or something?

So HPV stands for human papillomavirus, which is the virus that causes any wart on your body. There are literally 100s of different strains, or types, of this. Some cause plantar warts, which are warts on your feet, some cause warts on your hands, and some are sexually transmitted and affect your genitals.

Some strains that affect your genitals - and there are a lot of strains that affect your genitals - will give you visible genital warts, and those are the low risk kind in regards to cervical cancer. The ones that don't give you visible warts are typically higher risk for cervical cancer. Most people clear the virus within 2 years, and have no lingering or long term issues from it.

Something like 90% of sexually active people will get HPV in their lifetimes at least once. If you have it, you are far from alone.

Oh and get vaccinated. Even if you have it, you can still protect yourself against other strains.
No no, i was thinking of getting a biopsy. they did not request.
Ohhh wait - they don't test for HPV with a biopsy unless you have actual symptoms (warts).

Other than that, when you get your pap, they'll run an HPV test with that.

The incubation period for HPV (the time from infection to symptoms) can be as short as a few weeks to several months, maybe years (though that's unusual). Doing anything now for this most recent encounter wouldn't show anything.

And your chances are SO LOW of getting anything.

Don't focus on this. Focus on knowing that you are worthy of any guy out there, that you'll be okay if you're single for the next 10, 15 or 20 years because a man is bonus and you aren't going to settle. You're going to go to school/work/whatever and rock it all because you can. :)

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