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Can you get infected hair follicles from receiving oral sex?

I received oral and im not sure if this is an std or folliculitis? Ive noticed a couple pimple looking things on my scrotum that I was unsure about so took a closer look at them and there was hair coming out of them. Is this an std or what? And also what should I do about this? One more thing I have noticed is a tiny white/pink spot on my scrotum too it is there sometimes because when I look for it sometimes its not there. Is there anything here that I should be worried about or am i just freaking myself out?
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it's most helpful when you just keep adding to your original post. multiple  posts makes it hard for us to follow your "story".

be seen. we'd totally be guessing as to what is going on.

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I added this to the last post i made when i responded to you but you never answered me back so i thought i would just try it as a question in general to see what response i would get to this
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