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Chances to get any STI

Dear admins and helpful forumers.

I'm in a helpless situation where I need some needful advise to overcome the situation I'm facing now.

This year I had 2 sexual encounter with csw. The 1st encounter was more on protected oral and vagina sex and the 2nd encounter was on protected oral and anal sex.

In the both encounter, the latex condom was provided by csw and it was on always and I finished in it. The condom did not failed, not sure about leakage but it didn't broke.

Last week during my health check up routine. Doctor found some abnormalities in my semen where there is a sign of infection. Therefore, he request me to proceed with full STI test.

Am I infected? I'm now waiting for the result and start doubting the quality of the latex condom provided by the csw. Your expertise in this matter is needed.
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The sex is protected, the risk is equivalent to zero.
Unlikely the condom has any fault.
All i can say is that u continue the test and wish for the best.
Good luck
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possible to catch any STI even with the use of condom?
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It is possible. No such thing as 100% guarantee.
But very very unlikely.
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can you tell me what kind of STI I can get even with the use of condom. I do not have any symptoms. Can I have STI without showing any symptoms
Hi biology2017.. hope you can explain
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1) Unlikely that sti will not show symptoms. But it is possible
2) it is not 100% effective as there are still cases where condom break or slip off. Of course, the chances are very low. As i have said, there is no 100% in life.
3) unlikely u caught any sti if the whole sex is protected, including oral sex
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