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I'm sick and can't figure what's wrong. Help, kindly!

Thank you for trying to help and your support. I am bit desperate, disappointed, and angry-sad.

I am a 33 year old male, who has never had any health issues. I am a parent, to a 4 year old little girl, which is the reason I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. I do not smoke, rarely drink, and def. don't do drugs. But enough about that.

In April I made the costly choice of sleeping with some one (a single mom). Without going much into detail things happened. Kiss, vaginal intercourse (unprotected), and oral her to me. 10 -15 mins I just couldnt perform, didnt want to be honest. Since then, we didn't stayed much in touch. Part of me just wanted to forget the whole thing.

I came home and my lips were burning and several other things  have happened. For one Anxiety hit me like a rock.
Symptoms appeared which I've never had at about 2 - 5 weeks.

I had a cough prior to the encounter, I think. But somewhere within the 2 to 5 week mark the cough would trigger vomiting. Mostly at night or as I woke up. It was sort of a green yellowish vial.

I don't think I had a fever, it was too hot during those days. But at night I would feel what I can best describe as mild electric impulses to my arms and legs coming from my stomach.

There was also a rash, like a baby's diaper rash right on my "friend". It showed up out of the blue around the head and on the side...I became almost certain I was facing some sort of STD. It went away but reappeared a few more time within the first 2 months.

I have had canker sores all my life and one appeared during this time. Lasted several weeks like always and hurted like always. but it was way in the back of my mouth on the top.

Weeks later I started having pain in my inner biceps. Also on the right side of my neck, it felt like from the tendon that goes from the bottom of my neck all the way to the back of my ear. In addition, on the far back of my throat, right side I had this pain as if some one had put off a cigarette that lasted for months, about 2 weeks ago it stop, but now I feel like I have a sore throat, almost when you drink something really really hot. Occasionally the inside of my mouth (right side) has very sharp discomforting pain up to my lips.

So while all of this is happening, I also had extremely painful testicular pain to the point that I couldnt walk without limping for a bout a week.

Before I forget, I encountered these hive (almost like mosquito bites) that sprout for no reason. Very itchy and usually between 1 - 3. This has happened to me about 4 times, and I think it is trigger when I get these nausea episodes.

And finally, I been dealing with some crasy nausea and pain in my upper abdominal. Stomach side and occasionally liver side. Fatigue, yes some days worst than others.

So by now your probably thinking GO TO THE DOCTOR! and I have about 6 times. When I told my doctor everything that was happening i'm sure she thought I was nuts. So she send me to do a lot of blood work.

All blood test is perfect. I been given 2 types of antibiotics, they  put me on Pantoprazole to control my stomach pains.

Prior to this, at the one month mark I did and STD urine and blood test. Syphillis neg, urine neg, hiv neg (but at one month didn't count)

I saw my doctor in June and had my blood done around June 7 or 12.

Then I asked to do another run for STDs not to long ago which put me around the 4th month. All neg.

As of now I am still struggling with pain in my stomach, nausea, in about 5 out of 7 days a week. It sucks, i lost about 10 pounds. Throat keeps burning and I had to ejaculate (its been months since any action) just to notice that it was a little discomforting and that baby rash I talked to you about, well it reappear slightly on the tip. My penis just to be a solid single color, pink. Now is like tricolor...tip is a little darker,  the upper ring is like purple and some areas of the head vary between white gray and pink...:( when I ejaculate this tri-color phenomenon appears more obvious. 3 - 5 times a day I feel sharp pains on it. And in bad days my legs feel super weak, I can barely keep up walking with my little girl.

If anyone has experienced anything like this please let me know. I'm going for an endoscopy to check my stomach... on the 24, of August. After an ultrasound showed that all my organs are "exceptional" I'm thinking that I also need to be seen by an Urologist.

Doctor has no clue she wants to send me to a psychiatrist because all my test are "essential", however I'm truthfully in pain but I have to keep going for my kid.
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I see most of these issues as anxiety related. I see no issue that points to a STD and with all of the negative tests prove it is not a STD.
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Exactly. That's similar to what my doctor told me and I pray both are right.

Today, i found a dark spot inside my cheek and throat burns

As far as anxiety and stress, i'm try to believe it. I go about my day trying to stay positive and enthusiastic and when I'm less thinking about it a strong pain somewhere emerges.

After 4 months of this, I finally decided to come here and share my story to see if hopefully some one out there has had something similar.

I hope that some one comes forward with anything...and with time I find a solution to help others.
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Yesterday I had an endoscopic procedure and was diagnosed with a Hiatal hernia.  That gives me some peace to know that my stomach problems might  be part cause of it.

2 -3 weeks I will find out the results on the biopsy (samples) they took.

As for the pains in my privates, I will try and push to get seen a specialist.

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Physical symptoms are more noticeable. I'm quite calm about the situation, yet is a little alarming.

There is a really ugly red rash that covers my torso. Primarily all of my stomach. Now with all your respect  Vance, if this is anxiety, then oh boy my mind can sure create clear symptoms.  I wish I can post a picture...I showed my gf and she was scare, and sad.

Pain and discomfort continues inside mouth. Not as often thou.

There are very few times when this tiny pus like pimples appear inside my mouth. I've gotten them maybe 3 times since all this started. Hurt a little but had never seen them.

I also spot a dark/ brownish spot in my inner cheek.

Some times I have dull pains in my inner tights and inner arm pits.

I'm on my 5th month getting near 6. At which point i'll retest for HIV.I won't lie I am scare a bit, but remain positive although i can clearly see and feel things.

Can anyone relate?

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6 months Tomorrow.

I've been getting better. New doctor did some blood work to see about my apin in my arm pits and things came out ok.

I got prescribed some meds to help me with some rash on my stomach, really large area...but had an allergic reaction turning my skin super red that even the touch of clothes was painful.

Well, I'm sitting here writing because for the past weeks most symptoms have been down. However I have this DULL DULL exhausting pain that occurs on my penis and inner tights. Experiencing some fatigue and nausea. Nothing else has change as far as eating or lifestyle.

So far, I'm finding myself alone on this...but I'll keep writing with the hopes that I can help some one as I go through it.
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Most people don't hang around and connect. Also this is not a STD related issue.
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