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Oral Gonorrhea

Can oral gonorrhea cured on it’s own ?
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Well the answer would have to be yes as before any antibiotics to treat it came about it would go away on its own but i must say that having oral gono is very rare.  Is this something you think you have?
I don’t know tho, coz im having this sore throat that just don’t go away after I performed cunnilingus on a girl
A man giving a woman oral is very unlikely to get oral gonorrhea.  Confirm with your doctor with a throat swab but sore throats are a very common viral symptom. From dry air, to colds, to covid, to smoking.  
I agree with this, and if you think you have oral gonorrhea, which is unlikely, or any illness, please don't wait for it to go away on it's own. Go get it checked out.

A symptom of covid is a sore throat. Go get checked by your doctor, or any doctor. If you don't have insurance, call your local health dept.
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