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Recently diagnosed with epididymitis


I’m after some advice. I had an unprotected encounter for about ten seconds with a girl. Five months later I’ve been diagnosed with epididymitis. I’ve had tests for chlamydia gonorrhoea And NgU, all negative but was given antibiotics anyway. Pain has gone since and it was low down, very tender on one testicle.

What are the likelihood with no other symptoms that this was sti related?
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Hi almost always with men things like gono and chlamydia will show symptoms like a white puss penis discharge, burning while urinating or urethra itching and without these appearing one could assume its not std related but unless the epi infection can be tested its really hard to confirm this. But five months really a long time so this could add credance that its not std related.
Thanks. I got tested three weeks after the incident for the normal chl,gon, syph and all were negative, the only additionthis tome was ngu and I assumed if I had bacteria in my urethra then this would’ve flagged up?

Was on two weeks of doxycycline and it’s cleared up now. Now I’m imagining burning and discomfort but I’ve just passed the tests a taken all the meds!
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