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STD/STI possibilities

On Monday, I went to massage parlor for a massage because I had been on an accident. I was told to take off my clothes and go fully nude.  I laid down fully nude on the massage table. She gave a full massage and got really close to touching my balls. She later told me to turn around and massaged me and grabbed my penis for a second before telling her I was there for a happy ending.

1. Am at risk of any STD/STI?

2. Could I have gotten any infection from laying down in the possibly dirty massage table? I am not gonna lie I did get hard when she was massaging me nd my boner rub all over the massage table.

3. Could I have gotten herpes? I have heard that it could be spread through skin to skin contact?
(I did not check if she had any cuts or something in her fingers when she touched me)
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I always defer to Dr. Hunter on this as he is an authoritative source regarding STDs/STIs. I think you will find the post helpful: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/Any-STD-Risk-from-Stripper-Touching-Handjob/show/2173021
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