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STD or ingrown hair?

I got waxed two weeks ago for the first time (i have pretty sensitive skin), and had oral and genital skin to skin contact, no penetration, the next day. I went for a touch up wax the following week, and the lady did a rushed job, but i didn't really think anything of it.
So about a week, maybe sooner after my second wax i noticed bumps in the areas she waxed (inner thigh, pubic mound and right between my butt cheeks) tiny bumps possibly ingrown hairs, but also in the area where my partner's genitals were. NOTHING is on my vulva or near the opening/lips/folds, it's all on the areas where i grow more hair, so I feel a little reassured about that but I'm still worried.

I haven't had any sexual contact since two weeks, and I'm not experiencing any pain/itching/tingling or anything, the bumps are only slightly tender if i poke it. I keep freaking myself out thinking it could be something worse than ingrowns. I feel completely healthy it's just visible symptoms, and I'm prone to ingrown hairs but i never notice them until they're big bc this is my first time waxing. They don't look like any pictures I've seen for herpes lesions, and they're not blisters or oozing, just small flesh colored bumps.  i did see a hair in one, but i can't tell with the other ones. i know i'm not supposed to but i squeeze one or tried to and a little pus came out, the other one i tried wouldn't burst.
Please help!
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Sounds more like ingrown or irritated hair folicals. Hsv usually shows up in 3 to 7 days and it's usually pretty bad for a first outbreak. If it's been 2 weeks and they are still there and haven't been oozing or have any fluid that's scabbed over I would bet it's hair folicals. I would still go see a doctor probably a dermatologist to see if they can do anything as I'm sure it's not fun and maybe they can swab it and test it to put your mind at ease
Oh and don't pick at them, it only makes them worse, I get imgrown hairs frequently on my arms and learned that early on
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