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STI? STD? Or just a normal sore?

I'm a 24 year old male, and about a 5-7 days ago (I think last wednesday, and it's now the following monday) I was tested 9 months ago, and totally clean, and had not had sex of any kind from the time of the test to this incident. I had several girlfriends throughout college and was safe with all but 3 of them, but that was at least 1.5-3 years ago. I met a girl at a bar and went back to my place. We kissed then that lead to oral sex (both me to her and her to me) and then briefly unprotected sex for less than 30 seconds. I pulled out after maybe 10 seconds and said I wasn't comfortable doing it without protection as I had just met her.

At some point within the next few days I noticed a red spot on the base of my penile shaft. It is possible that I noticed it a day or two after the incident happened, I only recently started taking note as it has not gone away. Luckily I have the girl's number and reached out to her to ask if she had been tested. She said she was tested 3 months ago and is "clean inside and out". This made me feel a little better but I don't know if she was tested for herpes or hpv, what do standard blood tests test for?

I do shave the area around my penis, which I think is fairly uncommon for guys, and I have gotten bumps before but they are usually in the pelvic region and not on the shaft. I attached a picture, and keep in mind that this is after putting neosporin, vitamin e, and vinegar on it to do the "white vinegar test" so these things could have caused some irritation and made it more red although it was red to begin with.

I wouldn't say it is entirely painless because if I touch it it's sore. It isn't raised enormously but it is raised. I attempted to "pop" it and nothing really came out except maybe a slight amount of clear liquid. There is no burning or other pain involved. How long until I should see a doctor about it? My annual physical is coming up soon so I will most likely get tested then? What is the likelihood that it is genital herpes? Any suggestions/observations would be very, very much appreciated.
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If in your life you had unprotected sex more than once or twice it would be prudent to test for STD's. The biggest risk is in umptotected vaginal or anal sex. My suggestion is get a full panel std test at 4-6 weeks. Hiv in particular has no clear symptoms initially and syphilis sore can be sometimes trick. The best way is to get tested. But what your describing sounds like a pimple. And just my 2 cents worth. Buying a condom will only take 10mins. But a lifetime to carry hiv. Anyway goodluck with the testing!
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Sorry I should've made it more clear in my comment but I was tested about 9 months ago, and results came back 100% clean. Since then I haven't had any form of sex protected or otherwise until last week. Is it normal to get a pimple on the actual shaft of the penis? I've only seen them in the pubic region before.
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It could be a pimple. But better to have it checked by a doctor.
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