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Swollen meatus irritated glans

Hi, I am looking for some advice

Middle of Feb this year I received unprotected oral from a CSW.
Within a few days just after masturbation I had a slight tingling down the side of the shaft and around the corona briefly

I thought nothing of it but 3 weeks later whilst walking the tip of my penis (the meatus) started to rub on my underwear causing it to sting. I am circumcised but have never experienced this before.  Upon changing underwear when I got home from work it stopped, a few days later with the same underwear on again the tip of my penis started to become really irritated, I changed underwear which stopped it. (underwear had a central seam)

Since this the glans were becoming easily irritated after masturbation
I have a small red spot on the corona which seems to come and go

The main issues... The meatus is red and the skin is irritated but it can change colour hour by hour. Sometimes it appears scaly, sometimes like rope burn
I have no pain to urinate but occasionally after ejaculation it stings a bit
My urine seems to be darker than usual and smells

The edge of the meatus seems to have become irritated and has flared up, sometimes on one side or the other creating lip, but also in the morning both sides are inflamed like 2 lips. It appears puffy

I havent noticed any discharge as such, a little watery substance in the mornings following an erection but i think this is normal?

Then around April time my throat began to feel different, almost like a throbbing more noticeable on the left hand side and noticeably worse when outdoors in colder temperatures

Also around April time my face (cheeks mostly) have turnt red and feel sore and have been permanently like this from the moment i wake up and it is showing no signs of improvement.
My upper chest is red and rough to touch, with a light rash/spots
All of the issues with the meatus still exist

In terms of doctors and treatment

I have done urine tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (carried out at sti clinic and also via only testing kit)
Hiv/Syphillis fingerprick test done at 6 weeks
Hiv finger prick  test done at 11 weeks
Hometesting kit for Mycroplasma/ureplasma, chlamydia gonorrhea done post 12 weeks

All of these have been negative

I have not had my uretha swabbed but feel this would be worth doing so incase it is NSU and if it is does my current sexual partner need to be informed?
Doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone/Canesten cream which i applied for 3 weeks with no improvement.

Any advice on this would be really appreciated as it has taken up alot of my time, not sure if Anxiety could cause the visible symptoms on the penis?

Your help/advice is greatly appreciated
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It's probably not anxiety. Anxiety symptoms would be more like tingling, burning, itching.

The watery substance in the mornings is normal, so long as it's clear.

With your facial and skin changes, have you considered seeing a dermatologist? You are focusing entirely on STDs, and it may not be that. No STD causes skin changes on your face or chest.

The redness around the meatus could still be a fungal infection still, just not yeast, which is what Canesten treats.

I'd suggest not focusing on STDs any longer, and visiting a dermatologist.
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Oh and you can pee in a cup and have them look for white blood cells in the urine to see if you have NGU. Find out if this was done already. If it hasn't, get that done to rule it out.
Hi, thanks for your response. I saw the dermatologist on Friday but he has requested I re do a blood test for syphylis but not a finger prick style. I know it will not be that as it is rare and I have not had the symptoms but I am booked back in for August. He wanted that done before continuing. I would suspect the stress and anxiety of all of this may have caused the redness to the face as my face does go red easily with the sun alcohol ect.

I did also do a urine sample at the Dr’s to check for UTI which was negative
He couldn't do a syphilis test now?

I also doubt it's that - it's not common, like you said - but I'm surprised he wouldn't do more to rule other things out, too.

Since the derm was a bust, how about a urologist? Can you get into one? (I don't know where you live - I don't need to, either - so I don't know how easy it is to see specialists.)

Maybe the urologist can do a syphilis test to rule that out so everyone can move beyond it.
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