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Symptoms and testing

So. If you have what are potentially symptoms - that would mean the antibodies would be detectable?  I had what I thought might be a symptom of syph. Did a test and was negative. Generic question is - if you have symptoms that are related to your concern and test negative - it would mean they are related to something else correct ?
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Hi, if you do the correct test at the correct testing window then it would confirm negative and your potentiol symptoms are something else.
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I did the correct test at the correct testing window. Just wanted to make sure the antibiotic didn’t mess it up. So I assume from above I can assume my correct test at the correct window is good
A little more detail.  Exposure then 4 weeks passed.  Then had a sinus infection.  Had it bad. Had several rounds of antibiotic.   Then had a week off before test.  Test was rpr. Was negative.  
And lastly symptoms are three tiny pimples on right hand. Can barely see then. Two on the side and one down near the wrist by thumb.   Certainly do. It seem like a chancre - and that doesn’t seem like a spot to get one.  So it seems it would at worst have to be on stage 2 which would then show up in test yes. ?  The three literally showed up day before I tested.
Okay - a few things here -

First, syphilis doesn't give you a few tiny pimples on your hand. A chancre is a round, open sore. Here's an image, but it's graphic, so don't open it at work or where kids are around or whatnot - https://www.cdc.gov/std/syphilis/images/chancre-penile-1.jpg

Second, you would get the chancre at the site of infection, like your mouth or your penis, or your vagina. The timing of it means you would still be in the primary stage, not secondary.

Third, what exposure did you have - oral sex? Grinding? Sex?

Lastly, syphilis is uncommon, pretty much everywhere. Did you have an exposure to someone you know has it? Someone who tested positive?
Protected sex and kissing
And I have no idea on persons status
And. I knew the pimples would not be chancre. Would have to be the rash. Which would mean I wild have tested positive if pimples were rash right - cause then sexondary
And I have not seen a chancre at all 3 months in
Oh I'm sorry - I misunderstood your timeline.

If you haven't had a chancre, then you don't have syphilis.

Chances of you getting syphilis from a protected encounter are really low. Syphilis rashes are not just a few bumps - they are noticeable and usually spread across parts of your body.

I think you can stop worrying about this. :)
Life 360 Dave do you concur or have more to add?  Thanks auntie Jesse
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