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Syphilis Rash?

Trying to find exact information on a rash caused by syphilis on the web is difficult and photos  posted about syphilis always seem to be worst case scenario type. So if someone could answer these questions for me I would really appreciate it.

1)What are the characteristics of a rash associated with secondary syphilis.?
2) when the rash appears does it slowly form in one area before spreading to other parts of the body?
3) how long does the rash take to develop. Days or weeks?
4) does the rash appear as small spot then increase in size or stay about the same size for the duration?
5) how long does the rash last for?
6) how long does the rash last for after doxycycline 100mg treatment has commenced?

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Have you tested positive for syphilis?

The info on secondary syphilis is pretty clear - https://www.cdc.gov/std/syphilis/Syphilis-Pocket-Guide-FINAL-508.pdf

The rash wouldn't start as a small spot. It may appear on the hands or feet first, but typically appears on the trunk or other parts of the body, too. The rash usually clears, with or without treatment, within 2-6 weeks. The rash usually appears at about 6 weeks, but the range is 3 weeks to 6 months.

Is there a reason you are taking doxy and didn't get the penicillin shots? Are you self-treating? If you haven't been diagnosed with syphilis, please don't give yourself antibiotics. For one, it will make it harder to test if you want to, and this is how antibiotic resistance happens.
Hi thanks for your quick reply.

No i haven't tested positive but i am waiting on the results.  I will be back in town on Monday to see the GP.

I am allergic to penicillin so on Doxycycline 100g twice a day for 14 days. This was administered by the GP as a precaution.

I have viewed the Syphilis info from the CDC however i still find the information wanting when it comes to syphilis rash. I understand the rash can develop on the torso before travelling to other parts of the body. However there is no mention of how quick  it  travels.

My rash started on the top outer thigh initially and dry red/brown oval patch approximately 25mm in diameter about 3-4 weeks ago. I noticed a similar patch on my upper buttock later. Since then multiple bright red smaller spots developed later mainly near the originals.  The spots start off dark red and then increase in size over days  . The rash is mainly confined to the pants area but has progressed on the back of the thigh down to the knee and on my lower tummy to a lesser degree. Since we are in the middle of summer here i find the rash is stirred up by the heat. Is this typical?

I know  doxycycline isn't the preferred treatment but i wondering how soon it would take affect if i turn out to be positive. I work in close environment with others and the rash is embarrassing.

Sorry to be a pain i am just worried.
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