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What could this be?

Okay, so...
My issue starts two weeks ago where I had protected sex with my partner and then got a UTI, due to anxiety I tested for gono and chlamydia just to make sure, both negative. Got an HIV test as well just to be sure, also negative but that is not the concern here.
Then, a week ago we had sex again and he took the condom off without telling me
I was very upset and worried so he went to get tested for STDS
I saw his HIV results which were negative and he told me he got his chlamydia and gono results back today and they were both negative as well

Today I started experiencing some mild itching and burning around my vagina, I have not noticed any unusual discharge

I worry this may be chlamydia or gono symptoms
I am going to go get tested tomorrow just to make sure but do these symptoms fit the usual time frame of these conditions? (if my partner is lying about his results)
Also how long do these tests usually take to come back? I know they are not a rapid test like the HIV
I am very nervous and confused and would appreciate any insight, Thank you
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Hi, mild itching and burning AROUND your vagina are not symptoms of chlamydia or Gono. Those would be INSIDE your vagina and more common inside your urethra, so urinating would also be burning with a puss discharge.
What your describing is more fungal related.
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Hi these are not symptoms of Chlamydia or Gono as they would be inside your urethra not outside. Outside are most often fungal related.
Okay, thanks very much for your response. Through some reading I have also discovered that this may be a symptom of herpes, I have no bumps sores or blisters as I have looked very carefully, but does itching/burning usually precede an outbreak if that is what is going to happen? How many days after sex does herpes usually appear? Thank you
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Average one week. The more common symptom preceding an outbreak is tingling as is nerve related.
Okay thanks, also is it possible to have an outbreak without any blisters/bumps/sores? This will be my last question sorry to be annoying.
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You can ask as many questions as you want. Outbreaks can be very subtle but for the most part they are described as blister or razor type cuts.
Ok thanks again. Would they usually be noticeable? I have been checking with a mirror every once in a while and have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Would one normally be able to see them? Or would they just feel some pain/discomfort? If it was an initial outbreak that is, I was tested before this encounter and was negative so if they were to show up it would be for the first time.
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