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Worried please help. Want STD confirmation

Guys, I am super worried and need help.
I had unprotected oral sex with a pros around 6-6.5weeks back. I have had diarrhea since then. I got various treatment for diarrhea done (even met a gastroenterologist couple of times) but no improvement. Also, I have this weird burning and pain sensations in stomach and abdomen. I have also had these constant constrictions in my stomach. I got my stool test done and it shows that I have gram negative bacilli and gram positive cocci bacteria. I read that gram positive cocci is associated with gonorrhea.

Below are my worries/ questions.

1) I have had this problem since 6+ weeks now, so if I have gonorrhea since so much time, how much would it have spread in the body
2) Will it be treatable? And how much time should the treatment take?
3) What test should I do to detect Gonorrhea?
4) Can I have any other STD? Which other tests should I get done?(tested negative for HIV thrice)

Sorry for the long post. Please help.
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HI symptoms of gono are white puss discharge and terrible burning while urinating that appear about 6 days after not what your describing also i doubt if she had oral gono because her throat pain would be to much to give you oral sex. oral sex is very low risk to contract any std.
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Really really appreciate you replying.
So I took medicines to treat my infections several times but it kept happening again. And as I mentioned my report had this bacteria. I checked for HIV thrice and am super concerned what's happened to me. Would you be able to guide me any further?
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