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hepatitis and syphilis

Will a blood test always pick up these viruses if infected? And is that the only method of testing for these viruses ?
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They have to do specific blood tests to determine if you have it. Regular testing done during a check up, for example, won't find it.

Yes, a blood test is needed to find these infections. Hepatitis B is a virus, but syphilis is a bacteria.

If you are concerned that you have either of these, you should ask your doctor for testing.

Syphilis is pretty uncommon, and depending on your age, you may have been vaccinated for hep B.

Is this from performing oral sex on the woman? I really wouldn't worry about this from that encounter.
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And pick one of your threads and keep all your questions in one place. It's easier for us to keep track of your risks and questions that way.
Yes it is I’m just worried that’s all that it was a csw from Mexico in a high end club.
Since you are so concerned, why not test? You've been asking questions about STDs for a few weeks now, and this is clearly weighing on you.

For oral sex on a female, all you need to test for is oral gonorrhea and syphilis. I'd expect both to be negative. When you test for Hep B, ask them to do check your titers - this will show if you've been vaccinated.

Oral sex on a female is really low risk. Unless you have anxiety, or there's some guilt factoring in, I'm not sure why you are so concerned.
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