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risk of STDs after UTI ???

I am 28, uncircumsized male. Exactly one month back I had DOUBLE-CONDOM protected vaginal sex with a prostitute in India for not more than 5 minutes. Later I masturbated for 2 minutes and had cum inside condom. Then I removed condom and wore my dress.
  Then after 10 minutes, I washed my genitals with soap.
  ACTUALLY, she touched inside of condom with her hands before putting on my penis.
I thought I had safe sex, but 20 days after this incident, I had burning urination and itching near penis head. I took AZITHROMYCIN 1mg on that day and next day went to doctor.
  My docter said I am at risk for all STD since vaginal secretions that may have left over my public hair during vaginal intercourse may have touched my penis head before i washed my genitals.
  After Urine analysis and Urine culture, it was found that I got UTI by getting infected with PROTEUS MIRABILIS bacteria. Doctor told me to take LEVOFLOXACIN 500mg one tablet daily for 7 days .. its 5 days now since the treatment began but my Urine is still smelling bad and my hands are smelling the same way all the day.. but not much pain or burning sensation, very little...
  what all STD are possible by penis touching Vaginal fluids that are on hand or public hair??
  what other STDs I could have got??? what about HIV???
when should I go for various testing???
  is UTI easy to catch than STD??
if bacteria causing UTI was able to enter my penis is it possible that i got many other bacteria and viruses as well???
  i never got any STD earlier, and i am feeling devastated now.. some one please answer...
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You did not get a STD.
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You had no real STD risk
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thanks, i hope so.
But how did i get UTI by Proteus Mirabilis???
are UTI easier to catch than STD???
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UTI you can get without anything sexual.
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one last follow up ---- I mentioned exactly what had happened and i never had my penis head in direct contact with vagina or any vaginal secretions. But may be, my penis head could have touched her fluids that are on my public hair, which are exposed to air for atleast 3 minutes.
  So, can i think that I got only UTI for some not-much understood reasons but not any STD (bacterial or viral) ???
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