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what a nightmare please help

I have scrotum redness which has now incl the head of my penis I have had skin biopsy came back with nothing !

Let me give details for you to come up with hopefull answers

1 The red scrotum skin does not itch or smell

2  this redness has now extended to head of penis again no itch

3  Know comes the tricky part to explain on the head of penis if the light is right you can see these tiny pin head sized minnie looking bumps.

4 Water from shower or bath makes the skin very red just water increased redness

5 Now not to be showing of my junk but one day I was outside  in the middle of a large feild  Sunny day alone and had to whiz no one around so i did and wow the skin on my penis head was not as red not even pink nor was my scrotum skin I was shocked

6 Also when this started my scrotum and penis skin was hot to the touch no I have been using oxistat lotion and its feeling kool been using for 1 week no change other then above how long will it take and does this sound like yeast or fungas to you thank you so much for any help
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i looks like fungas more than yeast
check with ur doc
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Thank you so much for your reply! I do have one last question for this fourm I was using oxistat and it turned the whole area dark red and was very uncomfortable even lotion set it on fire I bought some yougart pills the kind you have to keep in the frig took them and smashed some and put on my skin it seemed to help my doc says wait a few days and put back on the oxistat lotion how long will it take for this to work its all red again and very uncomfortable doc wont see me till sept is there anything I can do to help

Fyi I dont check it out unless I am in the shower or patting the area down to dry so not playing with the skin as I read it can make matters worse

Thanks again for this advice
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Post in dermatology, this is not a STD issue
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