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10 days later

Like many, I did something really dumb.  I had sex with an escort. She gave me unprotected oral for about 5 minutes. When I switched to vaginally, it was with a condom.  After about 2 minutes, we realized the condom broke.  I immediately pulled out and slathered myself with hand sanitizer and then soap and water.  In reading this forum I took some comfort in thinking I would be OK.   At day 5, I developed what is best described as a very mild UTI.  I am on day 10 from the original encounter and it has not gone away.  The only symptom is that it feels like my urethra is itchy. No pain at all, just a kind of constant tingling.  No discharge, no legions or sores anywhere., no rash fever or external itching.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the discomfort is about a 2.

I am worried about trich or some other thing.  The only new symptoms is nausea, but that may just be nerves.

Any advice on how to proceed?
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Have you seen a doctor? Had any testing?

From unprotected oral, and the condom breaking, you have the chance of having an infection. It could be gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU, trich, or maybe it's a urinary tract infection. If hand sanitizer got in your urethra, that could cause problems - it's not meant to be used genitally, and it does absolutely nothing to prevent infections.

The nausea is probably nerves, for sure, but get to a doctor and get checked out. Go to a doctor and don't do an online thing, because they won't check for a UTI or white blood cells in your urine, which is what determines NGU.
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Thanks for the reply.  I did a trick test today because that seemed like the closest to my symptoms.  I'll go to an urgent care tomorrow and have them check for uti too.
I would add that you really shouldn't blame yourself and keep rethinking that "did something dumb" thing. That really plays tricks on your mind. Being worried over STIs, I myself experienced mild burning penis tip and urination pain even after protected sex. Anxiety and guilt makes you noticing things you wouldn't normally notice.
Nausea is not a symptom of any STI, it must be your anxiety. You should do the necessary tests at due dates as your doctor suggests. Just stop blaming yourself - no one could tell the condom would break and no one can change what already happened.
Thanks for the nice words. I did go to a urgent care clinic today. The urine test for uti was negative.  They gave me Flagyl, Zithromax and rocephin.  The results for std testing  will not be back for a few days.  Now that I am being treated, how soon can I resume sex? The Dr said 2 - 3 days.  Does that sound about right?
No, that absolutely is not correct. You need to wait 7 days, or until your medication is finished, whichever is longer. (I suspect your Flagyl and Zithromax are one dose, though.)

A really important note - do NOT drink alcohol for 3 days after your last dose of Flagyl. It can make you very sick.

All three of them were a single dose.  Strange that he told me  a shorter time.  It did seem too good to be true. Does the single dose make for a faster recovery?
Nope, it just makes for easier treatment and more medication compliance.

If you need some back ups, other than what I say -





You get the idea... :)
So today is my first day to be symptom free. Coincidentally,  the urgent care provider called and told me I was negative on all tests ending the worst week of my life.  Wondering now what it was.  The uti urine test was clear, the std tests were clear, but 3 days after treatment, the symptoms are gone.
Congrats on being negative. You could have been slightly dehydrated, irritated from something, anxious - who knows?

I'm happy you're good now. :)
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Sorry about the condom breaking.  If  the condom broke while you were inside her virgina then you would have been exposed to all std,s. But not implying that you caught all stds as such a brief encounter does reduce your risks consideraly. As for the itching inside your uretha is a symptom of a UTI and  itching is a common symptom for chlaymida but with these there should be some kind of urethea puss discharge. For sure see a doctor about this and consult him his opinon for std testing on the other stds. If you were in a long term relationship then testing for all stds would be recommended.
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