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Could my symptoms be a sign of STDs?

It is approximately 4 weeks since exposure (unprotected sex), and on the 3rd week I experienced the following:

    Night Sweats
    Dry cough (started before exposure, but got progressively worse afterwards)
    Blood in semen
    Blood in urine (can't see it, but was found in urine test)
    Hemorrhoid flare up (not sure if this is related)
    Random shoulder ache
    Frequent urination at night (about 3 to 4 times)

I still have the night sweats. The coughs calmed down a bit, but still coughing, lungs feel congested. There's no more blood in my semen (only lasted 3 days). Hemorrhoid lasted for 1 week. Never had a fever or rash. It does not hurt to pee or ejaculate. I got tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and UTI, but those came back negative; the test did detect bacteria and blood in my urine (UA-Bact +1). I'm going to a urologist next week, and an ENT this week for the coughs.

Could this be the early stages of HIV or Genital Herpes? What type of infection would cause my symptoms?
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So my visit to the Urologist gave me some relief, they didn't find blood and bacteria in my urine this time.

HOWEVER, I am still experiencing the symptoms below:

1. I am still experiencing dry coughs, but not as bad as 1 month ago. Throat and lungs feel itchy and sensitive. Sore throat comes and goes. Chest sometimes feels like someone is standing on it. No longer experiencing excessive mucus build-up.
2. I am still getting night sweats, which is really giving me anxiety whenever I wake up.
3. I am still experiencing body aches, but specifically in the right shoulder. The aches come and goes, sometime it gets so intense, that it's debilitating.
4. I am unable to get a good nights rest, insomnia. For 3 weeks now, I only get 3 to 4 hours of sleep. With sleeping pills, I can get 6 hours, but I feel groggy afterwards.
5. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as high flatulence, and feeling bloated. Sometimes my stool comes out solid, but other times it resembles diarrhea.

My ENT doctor reviewed my lung xrays, and said he doesn't see anything malignant. No signs of pneumonia, or cancer.

I can't get testing for Covid-19 because I don't fit the criteria. I never had a fever, shortness of breath, or swollen lymph nodes. My doctor says it could be a mild case of the flu, acid reflux, or stress, but I feel it's something else.

It's been over a month now, what could these symptoms mean? Is it Covid-19? Or is it HIV?
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Could this be anxiety?

Maybe not the shoulder, but the shoulder wouldn't relate to anything sexual.

None of these symptoms would be caused by an STD. Even if you got HIV, and I don't know your gender or the gender of your partners, or what activities you did, so I can't assess your risk, it wouldn't cause these symptoms.

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I agree with Dave. None of this suggests an STD. It could be a urinary tract infection, prostatitis, or perhaps something else, but it's not an STD.

Your shoulder pain is unrelated to any of this, as is your cough.
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Hi, none of what you mention suggest any std but if your worried about hiv then test for it. None of this are herpes symptoms.
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