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Did I get STDs/STIs from a massage parlor?

Recently I had unprotected sex with an older massager. I sucked on her nipples and neck, licked her vagina for a bit, and rubbed my penis between her thighs until climax. I feel like such an idiot in the aftermath, and now I've been worrying nonstop that I've contracted an STD/STI, specifically herpes from me licking her vagina. But I'm also scared that I might've contracted an STD/STI from placing my penis near her gential area. There was no penetration involved, but I'm still scared ********, knowing that even non-penetrative sex can lead to STDs and STIs. Should I take an STD/STI test?
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Hi From what your describing your risk would be for syphilis and herpes. However it it consider low risk.  Test for these is you have a long term partner.
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By low risk, what do you mean? I'm single, and this was a one time thing. Should I still test?
He means that it's low risk enough that unless you have a partner you're concerned about infecting, you don't need to run out and test.

Syphilis is fairly uncommon, and unless she had a sore that your mouth or penis came into contact with, you're not at risk for that.

Herpes rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth, so you don't need to worry about oral herpes from this, but there is a slight chance that if she had genital herpes, you could get that from rubbing and grinding. I'm not sure what you mean by "near" her genital area, but if your penis didn't come into contact with her vagina or vulva (the external area of the woman's genitals), then you had no risk. For example, if you rubbed off on her thigh, there's no risk for anything.

If your unclothed penis rubbed against her unclothed vulva, then yes, you may have a slight risk of herpes. Even if you were in a relationship with her, and she had hsv2, and you all had unprotected sex twice a week for a year, you'd only have about a 4-5% chance of getting it from her during that year. A one time encounter is about a 1 in 1000 chance if there was actually penetration. Without it, your chances are much better.

Thank you, you've lifted a great weight off my chest, but do you still recommend that I go get myself tested?
I also forgot to mention, but I licked her cheeks as well as breasts, but not mouth. What are the chances I'll get oral herpes from that?
None. If she had no sores on her cheeks, it's fine. She wouldn't be infectious from her cheeks.

I didn't recommend that you get tested. I said a bunch of other things, with a bunch of information about what's a possible risk and what isn't, but I didn't recommend testing.

I'm a bit weary of those stats. I thought herpes was incredibly easy to transmit. If I have unprotected sex with a person with herpes, I thought it was near garunteed for that virus to spread onto me.
Nope, but you don't have to trust me. I didn't make those numbers up. They come from the 2004 Valtrex study.



We are a science-based, evidence-based site. If we give information, we can back it up. :)
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