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Encounters activities about STD

Hai, last two months I am sexually active.
I visit the Massage center 10 Times.
In 4 times I done the protect sex with condom.
Rest of the time only nude massage with condom.
Most of time I visible the check the girls body if any rashes or wounds found her bodies. For my knowledge I didn't find any visible wounds on girls bodies.
Only one girls I found one small bump found her vaginal but at that time I done protect sex with her.
Mostly, I kissed the girl with her lips but only one girl I done french kiss afraid that one.

Second thing, during nude massage  without condom my penis head slightly touch her vaginal outside only and I rubbed her vaginal with knee .

I done safe sex.

But I afraid about std above mentioned activities.

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For the times that your penis didn't come into contact with either their mouth or their genitals, there is absolutely no risk.

French kissing is not a risk. Everyone would have an STI if it were.

Sex WITH a condom has a very slight risk for syphilis, HPV and herpes. There is no risk for other STIs, including HIV.

If your penis touched her vagina without a condom, it takes significant friction to transmit anything. A brief touch isn't going to do that. If you were grinding or rubbing against her vagina, that could transmit syphilis, HPV or herpes.

To transmit gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, hep B, and the rest, you need to have put your penis INSIDE her vagina.

I can't tell you what you have, if anything. Only testing can determine that. Your chances depend on what you did, and only you know that. You've been 10 times. It might be worth just testing for peace of mind.
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My penis is not grinding or rubbing her vaginal just accidentally touch her vaginal outside.

But in My knee I rubbing her vaginal its possible for std.

Can I wait for 3 months for testing .
My penis didn't come to contact with their mouths only body to body massage .
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Only one time not maximum 2 minutes without condom my penis head touch girl vagina
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Okay, I explained that if there was rubbing or grinding without a condom, this could be a risk. I'm guessing there was. Most people don't just place their penis against a vagina and keep it there motionless.
I am planned to not penetrative sex with her.

During massage My penis head touch the girl vagina outside.
Okay, so the vagina is the actual opening.

The vulva is the folds of skin above the opening, sometimes called the lips.

You say outside the vagina. If it wasn't on the vagina or the vulva - on moist skin, the areas that get wet - there is no risk.

You keep coming back with little bits of info. I can't tell you if you have something or not. If you are concerned, just test.
Thanks ,

Last one question:

May major concern is one encounter done  My penis head touch without protection touch the girl outside vangina. No penetration. Because I not planned to penetrative sex.

At that time My knee to rubbing girl vagina.

For this activities I afraid because it's direct contact with vagina

Please consult me.

Sorry for your inconvenience

There is no risk from your knee rubbing her vagina, or any other part of her. The skin on your knee is too thick for any germ to penetrate.

I've already explained how STIs are transmitted. It's not through knees.

If your penis rubbed against her vulva, there may be a very small risk.

Small risk means what are they

Can I test suppose some of symptoms have bee shown
Small risk means there is a very little risk. It's not high risk.

You can test whenever you'd like, even if you had no symptoms. If it makes you feel better, then get tested.
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