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Do I need to get tested?

Hey everyone, will quickly try and summarize my situation:

- I’m a male and between the years of 2017 - 2019, I’ve had around 6 - 8 sexual encounters with other women. 2 of those encounters were with someone I knew and the others were with escorts.
- In all my encounters, I would have unprotected oral sex (giving and receiving).
- In 2 of the encounters, I also had protected (with a condom) vaginal intercourse. The condom never broke.
- I’ve not had a sexual encounter since 2019 so over two years ago.
- From then until today, I’ve not had a single symptom of anything. None at all.
- Unrelated to the above, I’ve had a cold sore many many years ago (before being sexually actively) which tells me I have HSV-1.

Do I need to get tested? And if so, for what?

I had always assumed the above behaviours was extremely low risk for STDs/STIs and wouldn’t warrant testing unless symptoms popped up. But searching the internet at times sometimes gives me a little anxiety.

Appreciate all the help you all do there! Thank you!!
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Yes, if you have unprotected oral, which is low risk. you normally only test if you develop symptoms. Since you haven't, that's a good sign.  It's been a long time.  Protected sex provides a barrier and you would only be at risk for skin to skin contact that may be involved but that is again, minimal and you'd only test if symptoms developed.  You can always do a screening but it seems unnecessary at this point.  What has prompted you to worry about this now?
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Really appreciate the prompt response - thank you very much.

I see myself getting into a long-term committed relationship very soon (i.e. marriage) and by just some casual googling I did lately increased my anxiety. The concept of being an asymptomatic carrier where you're able to spread an STD/STI unknowingly is the part that concerned me.

But doing a little more research, I've also gathered the risk of carrying something unknowingly for this long, and from unprotected oral, is slim to none. I wanted to ask here to also get a second opinion.

I'll just move along now and not let this be something that bothers me! Again - thank you, appreciate the help!
Completely agree with GuitarRox, there is no need to test for STIs. Move on and take care.
Thank you grobick, appreciate your time in the above! And noted!
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With giving unprotected oral sex, there is a chance of contracting STIs, and some where you might not get symptoms. Gonorrhea being a prime example.
Do you have an STD? Doubtful.
Should you be tested to be sure?
I think routine testing for anyone who is sexually active partners would be worthwhile.
Don't lose sleep over it, but get tested(at the very least, it'll give you peace of mind). You can get home test kits cheaper than seeing a doctor and without any stigma attached.
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