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Hello, went to a massage parlour.  Wasn’t expecting girl to take bottoms off.  She did.  And she touched herself briefly at one point.  Just the clitoral hood.  Not sure if she really touched with hand after or not.  Any chance of gonorrhoea? Thanks
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There's no risk here, even if she used her hand to touch you.

Were your pants off? Did she give you a handjob?

STDs are transmitted by oral, vaginal and anal sex, and sometimes by direct, unclothed skin to skin contact, usually the kind associated with oral, vaginal or anal sex. Think grinding/rubbing/frottage. Friction needs to occur, so it's not just brief touches.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear, yes I received a handjob after she touched herself. And she briefly kissed my scrotum for less than a second before I asked for her not to do that.  Thanks for the response
You're welcome. :)
So still all good? Basically almost a zero risk encounter? I have cystitis and the symptoms flared up afterwards so it messes with my head.  Thank you so much for your work here it’s appreciated.
Yes, still all good. If you didn't have oral, vaginal or anal sex, or unclothed heavy grinding/rubbing, you had no risk for anything.
Thank you
You're welcome. :)
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Just to add it was just a handjob and breasts touching me no oral or vaginal sex
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