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Infection detected

I've conducted semen test last year and my epithelial cell or celular debris is moderate. Doctor suspect STI infection and did complete STI testing. Which turns out to be negative.

I did another complete STI test last month and it came out negative too. However, recently I had another semen analysis and the result for cellular debris is still moderate and the doctor prescribed me medicine for STI as the doc claim cellular debris in sperm is highly linked to infection and mostly is due to STI.

Can someone advise me? I'm devastated and loss. How could it be STI when my result came out negative twice?
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Then you have nothing to be worried about.
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the doc claims epithelial cell in semen is normally due to STI.. I'm confused now.
Your doc definitely said epithelial cells and not white blood cells??
White cells is 3 and the range for normal is 1 - 4. Epithelial cells/cellular debris is slightly elevated than normal readings
is the white cells reading is high?
No, that's not high. It's within the normal range.

Since the epithelial cells/cellular debris is just slightly elevated, maybe that's your normal. Do you have a number and the range for that? What does the report say?
the normal range should be minimum but report says moderate. Can it be due to STI?
It could be, except that you used a condom and are testing negative for everything. You have taken meds for it, and it's still happening.

Do you remember what meds you took? If you don't know the names, was it something you took once, or over 7 days, or was it a shot?
Still under medication. took a shot and also pills for 7 days. I used condom and the test covered herpes, chlamydia, gornorrhea, syphillis and hiv. Test came back negative. MG is not tested. Now I'm doubtful of condom effectiveness and maybe it can be other STI which is not covered in the test cause it. But what is
what is cellular debris is?
Cellular debris is organic waste leftover after a cell dies.  - https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cellular_debris

It's normal to have some in your semen, but the concern comes in when you have too much.

Condoms work to prevent STDs. You don't need to worry about that. You are probably taking doxycylcine and got a shot for ceftriaxone. This will cure NGU, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Your tests are saying that you don't have an STD. Whatever is causing this is not related to an STD. I understand why they are treating you as a precaution, but you've had no symptoms, your tests are negative.

Is your doctor a urologist? If not, perhaps you should see one.
Dear Auntiejessi, I'm here to get your opinion again based on your experience. My anxiety is back and worries me of infection, despite it was completely protected. Have you seen any case of infection of STI mainly, Syphilis or HIV with protected sex?

What are the symptoms of Syphilis? It has been more than 1 month of last exposure. I've yet to see any symptoms. I'm scared to search for the info as it increase my anxiety level.
I've never seen HIV with a condom. Ever.

Syphilis isn't that common, but that can be transmitted when using a condom. That isn't what is causing your test results though, as that's not a urethral infection. Syphilis is transmitted by skin to skin contact, and condoms don't cover all the skin.

A simple blood test will tell you if you have syphilis. Was that included in your testing?

Are you getting help for your anxiety? You have a lot on your plate right now. It wouldn't be surprising if you needed to talk to someone.

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No it can not.
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my exposure is only involve protected encounter. I'm lost.
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Did you include mycoplasma genitalium in testing?
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No. The test covers chlamydia, syphilis, gornorhea, herpes & h
& hiv. Can MG get transmitted via protected sex? I'm worried.
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