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Male to Male oral with ejaculation

12/12/2022 I had a one time oral encounter with a guy that I did not know and do not know his sexual health status. I did not intend on giving oral but was persuaded to(stupid decision). He came in my mouth without warning. I know I swallowed some as I did not expect that and spit out what I could. I washed my mouth out with water after. Then When I got home I brushed my teeth and used mouth wash. At the end of that week 12/16 I developed oral thrush, went to my GP he did not think I needed to test for any stds and said stds don’t cause oral thrush and treated me for me for thrush with nystatin. Went back to the Dr on 12/28 as the thrush was not really improving. He said it seemed more like a coated tongue now and I should use a tongue scraper to finish clearing up my tongue. I insisted on an sti panel including hsv igg 1/2. All test came back negative I know for some sti’s 16 days post exposure was not long enough to be conclusive but I was so anxious. I have a monogamous partner that I have been with for 13 years and this is the one and only time I had an inexcusable lapse in judgment.  
I had a repeat HIV test at 32 days with a 4th gen test and it was negative again. My dr says that is conclusive since both the test at 16 days and 32 days and no need for further testing.

Now at 10weeks post the incident I still have white on my tongue and red irritated sore throat. Went into urgent care today and was given prednisone and 250mg zpac for 5 days. I do not have any sores or lesions in my mouth and none identified by the quick care provider.

My anxiety is back though wondering if i missed an oral std and should I have another panel done.

Thanks in advance for your review and advice.
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So first, if you have no bacterial infection, I have no idea why they gave you the z-pack. It could make the thrush worse - antibiotics can make fungal infections worse.

Oral sex is lower risk than vaginal or anal, and the only risks from giving it are oral gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and oral hsv2.

You can test for oral gonorrhea and chlamydia with a throat swab at about 5 days post exposure, but it has to be an oral test.

Syphilis is uncommon in most developed countries - US, UK, Canada, countries in Europe, etc. That would cause a round, painless sore. That's not what you're describing.

You can get oral herpes type 2, though oral hsv2 is rare, and you haven't mentioned sores. I wouldn't worry about that, either.

If you haven't taken the z-pack, just go to an STI clinic and say that you gave oral sex to some high risk guy, and you want oral swabs. Try Planned Parenthood, even. They see men.

If you take the z-pack, you'll have to wait 3 weeks to get an accurate test.

The z-pack at those doses won't cure anything. Azithromycin can cure chlamydia, though there is a lot of resistance now, and it doesn't cure gonorrhea.

Also, it's been 10 weeks. Go see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Ask your doctor for a referral.

No STI causes thrush. You had no risk for HIV, if that's what you're worried about.
Thank you so much for your advice! Quick care provider thought I had more of a sinusitis I’m guessing why she gave zpac. I did already take the first dose, and then started letting anxiety build again thinking I missed an oral STD. Since I did already start the zpac I will wait the three weeks and get an oral swab.

One other question.. is it possible to spread an oral std through penis to vaginal sex?
Would it be “typical” for an oral sti to show symptoms at 10weeks post exposure?
No, if you had an oral STI, the only way you'd spread it is by oral sex.

No, it's not typical for oral gonorrhea or chlamydia to show any symptoms, ever. If you got them, you might have a sore throat, a fever, swollen glands, etc.

Thrush is never a symptom of an oral STI.

Okay thanks again!
You're welcome. :)
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