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Please advise on the dos and dont's of nuru massage


I am planning to go for a nuru massge (full body to body massge with oil) in a massage center in which both (the masseuse and me) are supposedly to be naked and her rubbing against me. So, can you please advise on what are the things that needs to be avoided in such a massage to avoid catching STDs like is it safe if she just slides her body on top of my body and other related movements. Lets include the occurrence of a sexual intercourse (protected oral/vaginal) at the end of the massage.

Thanks in advance
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To clarify, hsv (herpes) and the STD kind of HPV are only transmitted by genital to genital, genital to anal or mouth to genital/anal contact.

Absolutely agree though - really think this through with your anxiety.
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Thank you auntiejessi for the reply. Much appreciated
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Protected sex (any kind) carries no risk of any STDs.
Full body massage implies a massive amount of skin-to-skin contact. That carries risk for HSV and HPV. While those are rare, there are reports of syphilis acquired by masseuses from clients and vice versa in some Asian countries. All your risks are very low, mostly theoretical.
But there is a bigger problem.
Your previous question showed you are easily worried and have trouble controlling your anxiety. Are you sure that commercial sex won't trigger your anxiety again?
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Thanks guys, so only HSV and HPV are the potentials STDs from such a massge (excluding the occurrence of any sexual intercoarse and anxiety) and how are those two easily trasmitted like from the first touch/rub or does it take time?
"How easily" is a very relative term, there is no direct measurement. The infection risk depends on a few factors. The partner has to be infected and to have warts (for HPV) or blisters on his/her genital or anal area (for HSV). And there must be substantial rubbing to your unprotected skin. It should take some time, but how long - no one can tell you, there are no definitive studies done with a stopwatch.
Overall, the risk is quite low, but on this forum there have been hundreds of people (myself included) who are ready to freak out from even lower risks.
You should really think this through.
Thank you gorbick2000 for the detailed reply. Much appreciated

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