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Nuru massage penetration

On the aug 4 I visited a nuru massage and like a fool there was penetration involved I ask her if she had any std and she said no, protection was involved and I also had boxers on the minimize skin to skin contact but had a little wet stain not to much I am paranoid as hell I don’t have crabs I’m not itchy nor see them but when should I get tested for stds
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You had protected sex and had your boxers on. The risk for STDs is almost zero here. Crabs are very uncommon - not sure why you are worried about those, unless they are common where you live.

The wet spot could be from the oil used. I see no reason to test for anything, or for you to worry.
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There was no oil and was the probably body fluid stain
I also live in Cali
Do you mean you had vaginal penetrative sex while wearing a condom and boxers?
If so, there is no risk for anything, no matter what body fluids stains you found and how much body fluids there was on your boxers.
No need to worry for crabs as well.
Totally agree with grobick.
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