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Risk of masturbation

A man masturbates his ass with lubricants. There is a lot of lubricants on his hands. I'm afraid that there may be some blood from his ass on his hand, and then he strokes my erection penis with his hand to help me masturbate. Is such behavior risky for STDs / STIs? Is it risky for hep b/c?
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Why would he have blood on his hands from his ass?

And no, this is no risk. Hands don't transmit STDs. I'm including links to explain why.





https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Vaginal-fluid-on-hand-touched-inside-of-condom-and-head-of-penis/show/1119533 - read this thread thoroughly. There is an excellent explanation about why certain activities are not risks, and why others are.
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He masturbated himself anally with his hand for a period of time, so he had a lot of lubricant on his hand, he maybe have some anal damage when masturbating his own anus, and maybe some blood mixed in lubricating oil.
So I was afraid that there would be some blood on his hand, and he used it to help me masturbate. Is such behavior still no risk for STDs / STIs? Is it still no risk for hep b/c(it is said that they are transmitted through blood)?
Did you read the links? We don't expect a lot, but it's great if you read the answer we give you. The links explain why, even if fluids are present, mutual masturbation - hand jobs - aren't a risk.

You have no risk.
I have read them, but they don't seem to mention blood, so the possible blood makes me feel uneasy. You said it is no risk for STDs / STIs and hepB/C, right?  Then I don't have to worry about it?

It's the same with blood as it is with semen or vaginal fluids.

No risk for anything, including hep B/C. Really, you're okay.
And also, using fingers anally doesn't usually cause the damage you seem to think it does. There shouldn't be blood, or enough blood at least, to infect anyone with anything, just from using fingers anally in a "normal" way.
Thank you very much!
He first inserted a huge dildo into his rectum, and then used his fingers, so I was afraid that his rectum may have lots blood in his hand, which was still not enough to infect? I'm sorry for my series of worries!

I think it’s wouldn’t change the risk, it’s still a NO risk behavior for all the thing, right?
You can do all the what ifs, and all the scenarios - nothing changes here. You had no risk.

There is a vaccine available for hep B. You should talk to your doctor about getting it.

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