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STD/herpes check

Hello. I am 27m I had an encounter with a trans female. The person was old around 40s. I regret. I was not thinking straight. I only touched the person breast (fake one) and I sat on the persons la both clothed.Also was speaking to the person. I was wondering while speaking her saliva could have touched my lip. Please let me know if I contracted any std. I am scared and regret doing the same mistakes again.
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There is absolutely no risk for any STD here.

STDs don't go through clothing, and nothing is transmitted by saliva touching your lip, even oral herpes. Breasts don't transmit STDs - even real ones - so you're fine.

Oral, vaginal and anal sex transmits STDs. Unclothed, direct skin to skin contact of the genitals and genitals to the anus can also transmit it if there is enough friction - think heavy rubbing or grinding. Kissing can transmit oral herpes, but it needs to be more than a quick kiss.

The only things you were at risk for here are things like covid, a cold, the flu, etc. You are not at risk for any STD.
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Thanks for your response. My genital is feeling little itchy. I am scared this might be genital herpes. There might be touch from genital to cloth or hand.
Transmission doesn't work that way. Herpes needs direct skin-to-skin contact in order to transmit. STDs don't transmit by cloth or hands.

You really had no risk.
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